My First Dolly

I have been having an I’m-so-dang-proud-of-myself moment since I finished Jovie’s dolly. One of her Christmas present from me and one of her big wish on her list. It took me almost six hours to complete this! I think I could have gotten it done in four hours if my sewing machine wasn’t so temperamental. Somebody who’s used to sewing can probably whip it up in two hours! I used this pattern and tutorial to get this doll and after following everything, I got Anabelle. Yes, I think that’s what I shall name her! Check out the little collar. So

The Tooth Fairy Sucks

Emma has to bring in a jar, a decorated jar, Monday filled with something under ¬£1 for the Christmas Bazaar. Luckily I have this empty coffee jar and some leftover Halloween candies (Kisses and Reeses Peanuts) so I didn’t have to run around looking/buying. Now, I’m not quite sure what their definition of decorated is but since I’m a paper crafter this is what she’ll bring. I used WPlus9′s new stamps: From the Kitchen Of and All Occasion Tags also called the Homemade Holiday Bundle for this project. I don’t decorate a lot of gifties like this and it was

Two Matching Presents

We’ll be out and about taking M to two birthday parties. One is for a boy in her class — he’s getting Legos — and another one for two sweet little girls who are a year above M. At first I thought of getting something on base for them, something “American” (like Tootsie Rolls — kidding — although our British friend said it’s not for sale in the UK), but then I figured something homemade would be more appropriate since one of the little girl is the daughter of the lady who did M’s face painting last weekend and also

Our Homemade Christmas

Five more days until Christmas!!!! Tomorrow I’ll be sending out my Christmas cards + my sister’s package. About time, huh? But ya know, I think it’s not just us. So far we’ve only gotten two cards this year. It must be a crazy year for many! Today, while M and dad’s away, I managed to do this: I made the tag myself in Illustrator and saved it as always to use in my KNK but I don’t know what happened my KNK couldn’t recognize the SVG file and when I imported the image into my software the file got all

Thank You Gifts

Well, I had really high hopes that I’d be able to do more than this but nope… just couldn’t get the motivation or time to make five more elaborate¬† teachers’ gifts. Today’s M’s last full-time day at her preschool/daycare. Next week, for two weeks, she’ll be in kindergarten summer class. She CANNOT wait!!! After that we’ll be kickin’ in at home. We have some activities and trips planned but we’ll see how much we’d be able to do with baby. Hopefully we’d have a good daytime schedule (and health) going within a few weeks… just like I had with M.