Etsy Thursday: Baker’s Twine

Photo taken from Cupcake Social at Etsy Urgh… I am on Etsy again… so not good for the pocket book!! But… found a few things and want to share! Didn’t I tell you, back in May, that baker’s twine is in? If you haven’t gotten any you should! They’re fun and even if you don’t ever use them on your cards/scrapbook you can use them to wrap presents. That’s what I’ve been using lately for my gifts. I’ll just wrap the item(s) in old newspaper, tissue paper, or whatever inexpensive paper I can find around the house and tie it

I Hate the Dogs

Especially when they poop on the carpet/rug. In Missouri it was my sea grass rug that they always go on when they got to go (it’s not often but it does happen). The house was all hardwood. Hubby HATED that thing but I insisted on moving it here and it’s now back under the dining table. So far hubby hasn’t said anything about it and the dogs haven’t poo/pee on it either. Today I found doo but not on my rug. It was right next to the front door’s rug. I glared at them and none admitted.Both ran away though.

Etsy Sunday: Tape

Ooh ooh, I am on Etsy again! Have you ever seen Lost in Space? Remember the scene where Robot said something like: “Danger, danger,  Will Robinson”? Well, if I have a robot that would be what it’ll be yelling at my husband. “Danger, danger Drew Wilder”. Ha!! I haven’t been buying much on Etsy, just a few bucks here and there, but my husband loves it too. He totally supports my Etsy love and whenever it’s present time he’d go on Etsy and find something that I’d love. He bought me an apron the last time and it was just

To My Favorite Guy

Happy birthday!!! So very glad that you were born many years ago! So very glad too that I met you 8-yrs ago, drunk and all, at a club. If we met in an online dating site we would most likely never have gotten together. The system would never in a million years match us up (if it did, it would be because of the plus/minus 3% margin of error… or a computer glitch), HA!! You have to admit though, I am a lot more charming in person than in photos or online (he’s thinkin’: Yeah, right, only if no word

The NOT So Great

Americans… or at least me… are spoiled. We can easily access big houses, big cars, big washer and dryers, and big walk-in closets. Although I don’t mind just having two wardrobes to myself I find that they are a huge downgrade from a walk-in closet… even one that was shared (I have to say it was nice having the walk-in to myself when hubby left early for the UK, ha!). So now I have to go through my clothes (again) to see what I can do without… or at least store them in the attic (like business clothes — in

Etsy Finds

The great part about my new SAHM gig is that I have TONS more time to browse for whatever on the Internet. The not so fun is that I can’t do a lot of shopping because we still own a house in Missouri but hopefully in a few months we’ll get this housing deal figured out and I can browse and shop. Oh wait, I mean just browse (yes husband, JUST browse). Today I want to share some wonderful Etsy items that I came across while looking for random crafty goodies. Maybe if you like what I have today I