Favourite Local Footpath

Do you know the secret to always fitting into your favourite jeans? Get an active dog and walk her every other day at least! Poppy is a Border Collie and Boxer mix – how the mix came about was an accident I was told. She’s sweet like a Boxer but very alert and active like a Collie. Poppy is just 10.5-months-old and all she wants to do is play or walk all day long! She’s not overwhelming, we can tell her to sit or lay down, but if we can throw her toy or ball for hours at a time, she’d

England, You’re Beautiful!

England is not very big. Compared to a US state, England is only 200 sq miles bigger than Alabama. The UK isn’t a whole bigger either. Comparing it to a couple US states, the UK is in between Wyoming and Oregon. Despite the size, a three hours drive in the US can equal to an eight hours drive here in the UK for a few different reasons. One, depending on where you go, you can hit traffic. Traffic on the motorway (interstate) or the A roads (highways, although some A roads are two lanes). In the US, once you hit the interstate you can pretty

The Frugal Traveler

It’s been months and since my last post, we’ve traveled a bit more. A few weeks ago I bumped into a friend and after a bit of catching up, my friend was a bit amazed at how many places we’ve been and plan on going soon. I suppose, since I stay home, it seems like we’re spending more than hubby’s making, but we’re not. Before we moved to England, the husband and I decided that traveling Europe will be one important thing that we do while we’re overseas. It’s something we both love to do and being here, the cost

250 Miles is Far!

Back in Missouri, we used to drive a 430 miles route in one day. We’d leave the house at 5 a.m., have breakfast at a Cracker Barrel outside of St. Louis (225 miles and 3.5 hrs later), then a lunch stop 2 hrs later at Sikeston (Lambert’s – the only restaurant that throws their rolls), and then Mississippi (just a few miles south of Memphis). A few months ago we were planning a trip up north, to the Hadrian’s Wall area. Hubby asked me how far it was and I said about 250 miles. His responds was: “Dang, that’s far!

Travel Time

I love, and I mean LOVE, living in England. But, like anywhere else, there are a few things that I wish could be better. One in particular is driving time. For the last few months we’ve been thinking about moving. I look regularly online, get email updates and have looked at a couple in person but so far: Nothing. Don’t think that housing is hard to find or that I am uber picky (well, kind of) but I want to move into an oooooold house with a garage, at least three double rooms (some houses here are advertised as five


One day I want to go to London by myself. Maybe as a birthday present, Christmas or just because. I love the kids and all but it’d be nice I think if I can, for one day, not have to chase a toddler down or listen to why things happen per Miss M’s theory. I love the hubby but it’d be nice if I can take as long as I want staring at a pair of shoes or go back and forth five times between two shops trying to decide which dress fits me best. Yes, I’d love to wonder