Did You Miss Me? :P

How was your weekend and/or Valentine’s day? Great I hope!! It’s been five days since I posted something! Wow, I think this is the longest I’ve been away! There’s just been a lot going on this week and by the time I’ve got everything done my eyes told me it’s sleepy time. I could have posted about some randomness but I dunno, it just doesn’t seem right if I don’t share a project, tutorial, or at least a photo. Even that I’ve been slacking! I am still on track with my project 365 but to me many of the pictures

Happy Birthday Miss M!

Has it been six years? It has it has!!! My little girl is now 6-yrs-old. We’re not doing anything crazy to celebrate. M wanted a party at her school and so we have cupcakes and goodies bags ready. Then this weekend we have plans on going to Kansas City to do some celebrating at her choice of places. I do have a surprise, or two, stops. Hopefully the weather will be nicer. It’s snowing right now. Last night, despite my tiredness, I made her a sweet little card. She’s gotten simple and sweet on me and I thought this card

Flabby Butt and Signing

My M said this evening: M: Mommy, when are you going to start working out again? Me: Why? M: You have a flabby butt. Me: (deep inside: AAAAAAURGGHHHHHH!!!!)Thanks, M. So I was doing the P90x but that was short lived. I blame it on M. She puked all over my workout rug. Don’t ask me what happened. I think all the rolling around and crazy moves that I did made her sick. After she threw up she went to bed and was all better the next morning. I ended up watching the video while cleaning up M’s mess. I had

M’s B-Day, Part 1

M’s bday isn’t until Feb. 5th but because of our awesome moving schedule we decided to have a month of celebrating M’s bday. Today it was family day and she chose Dim Sum at Bo Ling‘s in Kansas City… or actually Overland Park, a suburb of KC on the Kansas side. As always it was delicious. Then we grabbed a few things from Whole Foods and then ice skating. BUT, ice skating didn’t happen because it was an outside rink and our little princess did not want to be out in the 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-12-ish Celcius) weather (we don’t

Ha Bwah + Candy Winner

That wasn’t a foreign language. That’s Jovie’s language. The girl can talk! I thought M was pretty bad… although yesterday morning I could have duck taped M’s mouth he he he… Let me get to M first… I have these flute glass that I rarely use and Saturday I felt like using them for breakfast. Saturday night we did dishes and M’s in charge of putting dishes away. So in the middle of putting dishes away: M: Mommy, would you like a fancy drink? Me: No. M: Mommy, can I make you a fancy drink? Me: No, I’m ok. M:

In Search of a Tent

Are you done Christmas shopping? I thought I was but Miss M wants one more thing from Santa besides boots… a tent! I didn’t think tents would be so eye catching but they are! After looking at a lot of them, does anybody know where I can find something like this IKEA canopy ($19). The IKEA tent isn’t available to purchase online. I have something in mind that I’d love to make for M and I need a white blank canopy. I’m not that good of a seamstress and I know I’d butcher the fabric, even though it seems simple,