That Special Day

It started when M was around 18-months-old. At first it was just an ice cream or McDonald outing after a doctor’s appointment but then it became a one day event where it was just her and I doing whatever she wanted to do (one time it was 10 merry-go-round ride!!). It was rarely on a weekend for different reasons. One was so she could miss a day of preschool/daycare. It made her feel extra special to be able to tell her friends (and teacher) that her mommy was taking her out of school to do special things with her. Since

One Year Later…

A year ago one little girl was terrified of the swimming pool (or putting her head under the shower). Ankle deep was all she could do. Any deeper and she’d be screaming. One would think she was being attacked by a snake!! Mom was so worried about her phobia that an appointment with a specialist was almost made! One year ago, this same little girl didn’t know what she liked. She tried different activities but quit soon after. She was hoping to get back into gymnastics (she was in it for 6 months before we moved to the UK) but

She’s Been Difficult

To photograph. She’ll look away most of the time. But now and then I can catch her from a distance, or the side. She’s of that age. Although she might also just be sick of me pointing the camera at her. She was my only model for five and a half years! I can’t though let her get away with it. One day she’ll appreciate all the little attempts to capture her eight-years- old self. And I will be really disappointed in myself if I let myself play her little game. There are still days when she lets me photograph

Teeth and Potty

Last week was a productive week. Big girl got two teeth extracted and baby girl is now almost potty trained. Emma has bad teeth. Of all that’s came out, only two happened naturally. The rest were courtesy of the dentist. When M’s teeth were pulled the first two times, she did them gracefully. She was VERY calm laying on the dentist’s chair. I am still now sure how he managed to do that. Maybe it was because he’s been her dentist since she was 9 months old or that he gave her more gas or was just good at hiding


I need a new model. My current one has been going on strike (a lot) lately… or I have to hike up the price before she would let me take photographs of her. Usually I’d get a back or her moving a lot (she knows I prefer her staying still since I use her to experiment) but today I got the above. My backup model is not reliable. Maybe in a few months she’ll be better but right now she’s as uncooperative as my main girl. Aaaahhh… I guess she doesn’t know that it’s harder nowadays to find a job.

M’s First DigiPage

Today I am honored to present a little guest designer. She did the above all by herself and very proud of herself for doing it!! Last week M was curious on how I created my layouts on the computer. So I showed her. I helped get the picture from Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop but after that, she pretty much went on her own between Adobe Bridge, where I can easily see all my digi pieces, and Photoshop. I showed her layers and helped her understand its concept by stacking all sorts of crap on top of a piece of paper