M & Mom Project

I’m just sitting here enjoying (slurping to be more exact) my lunch. I’ve been having these weird, weekly, cravings of chocolate shakes. I had a big brunch and the way my stomach is nowadays I can’t eat much anyhow. So my lunch is Wendy’s chocolate shake and a gigantic ice tea — prob. too big for me. I forgot that “big” in the fast food world is not 20 oz. Hubby said Wendy’s has the best shake in town (we live in a small college/military town so not a lot of choices) and he said it’s at least made out

Explosive Diaper Story

Yes, I am 32-weeks. Yeah!!! We haven’t pulled any of M’s stuff out, e.g. crib, bathtub, changing table, but we’ve talked about doing diapers again, the wake up in the middle of the night deal, and narrowing down names to seven from 14. We’re getting there!!! I do though have an M diapering story… Hubby can’t stand icky stuff like leftover food on the sink, puke, exploding poo, etc. So with M, I was the one who mostly changed the poopie diapers unless he really had to. I can’t remember which book it was, I think it was the What

Pain in the A**

I ate three pieces of cake the other night, left the pan to soak in the sink and this was what I found in the morning on the counter top. Really? I think this was just inappropriate for my hubby to leave. I mean I AM pregnant {::SMILES}. Hope your Saturday was nice. I had a few good laughs with the hubby — almost had a baby cause I was laughing so hard. I had some yummy dim sum and went to Archivers too. I found a few things but no new Prima flowers or Sassafrass stuff. I guess I’ll

It Snowed!!!

Yes it did. Lots of it too! We’ve had sprinkles here and there but this was our first snow of the season. M loved it. Today, I have a ladder on my front yard. Hubby saw it last night and said: Was my pregnant wife on top of a ladder taking pictures? I said: What? what picture? It wasn’t me. HA HA! LIAR!!!! Oh, guess what my sweet man did yesterday? He got me ballet tickets — or GC actually so I can pick whatever I want AND he got me a Wii Fit!! Yeah!!!! I’ve been looking but they’re

Kid’s Crazy :p

Check out these pics… I wrote last Monday that on Sunday I took a long long nap and the hubby and M baked cupcakes. There are a few more shots but these are two of my favorite pictures of their activities. Look at that face!!!! I’ll be scrapping this set for sure… when I find the mojo for it. Just lost it. Last scrappy day was the crop in January. I don’t feel like doing much today. My lack of sleep is killing me. I am still awake. It’s 11 p.m. I’ll probably be up at 4 a.m. again… ahh…No

M + I Worked Out :)

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5EIL4p8-D4 First another M video… Then… I am truly blessed with a high metabolism and good healthy genes. The only thing healthy that I do is eating healthy. The exercise part… they’ve always been good intentions, HA! But today, I went to the gym WITH a personal trainer. She put a preggo program for me. I’ll meet with her a few times and then I’m on my own. This time I have high hopes to keep it up so that I can have a decent labor and get back to my normal weight soon after. M’s birthday at school was