2S4Y by M & I :)

M and I had a nice crafty afternoon. These were what we came up with. We used the bonus sketch at 2S4Y by the oh so talented Clouds. Well we’re going to get ready for gymnastics. Hopefully we’ll get to have more arts and craft time soon! Have a great great Monday!!! Oh, I think Jovie is smiling. Random but smiling. She started last Thursday but I had to analyze a bit to make sure before reporting he he he…

Just Pics

Of my two sweetie pies… Growing up too too fast. M’s almost 5.5-yrs-old and Jove was 5-wks last Thursday. Next thing I know I’ll be singing this song: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbPsVknvg0Y And not as gorgeous as Meryl Streep hee… More cleaning to do today but hopefully I’ll have some time to craft!!!

A Bookmark for Me

Here’s a little bookmark that I made for me using a Mari K. kit at The DigiChick: Moroccan Sunset. It’s only $2 but boy does it have a lot of goodies in there!!! Yesterday we went to a picnic at a farm. We had a really great time! We are a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) member and we get our grass fed meat from a local farmer (45 minutes away). Every year he has a picnic at his home and this was our first. Besides yummy food (a lot of foodies are members of this farmer’s CSA and so we

Lucky Me…

To have these two in my life. I can’t wait to meet our new addition. I think we’ll name her baby J… but not sure. We’ll know when we see her. I never thought I’d be mom and here I am with one and another coming next week (I hope!).  It’ll be challenging and tiring but very well worth while. The hubby said he wished we have more pics of him and I together but hmmm… I’m just too camera shy. I rather be behind the camera. I was always told growing up that I wasn’t very photogenic. So I’m

Happy Birthday!!

To the best husband and daddy!!! It’s his bday today and we’ve been celebrating all weekend. He’s a big 31-yrs-old!!! Seven years ago today him and I met too. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us and to him, I’m still his best birthday gift from above {::SMILES}. Yesterday we had a wonderful time in Kansas City. We went to a new sushi restaurant, Edokko, and had really good sushi. It’s now our new favorite. Then we hung out at Barnes and Nobles and last our friend’s wedding. We didn’t get home until 12:30 a.m. I do have


Another page using more pretty My Mind’s Eyes paper. I think I’ve used everything I bought from Archiver’s the other weekend. I am doing GOOD! The stickers are super old K&CO, Brenda somebody stickers. I picked them up at a K&Co warehouse store (K&Co is a Kansas City company). Paired them up with some new K&Co and M loves it. The photo of M was terrible, too dark, and so I turned it to the above to make it usable. Gotta love post-processing! Next time I’ll post the original photo, so you can see how bad it is in compare