Shop Suggestions, Please

As the title suggests, I need to get the names of UK shops, whether it be online, Cambridge, or London that sells petites sizes and more less like Anthropologie, JCrew or Ann Taylor (Loft). Back in Missouri, I could grab clothes from Ann Taylor, without trying them on, especially pants, and they’d fit great. I love Anthropologie’s style (and that store in general, my favorite store for inspiration) although I couldn’t wear most of their long pants because I could never find a petite/short and the stuff on the sales rack can be slim pickin’ for my size. As for

Some Favorite Things

First most recent favorite thing: Potato and leek soup. I found it on AllRecipes and of course I had to tweak it just a bit: 2 good size garlic cloves chopped 2 shallots sliced 1 tsp white pepper I also didn’t have any American bacon (pork belly and more fatty) so I used 250g (about half a pound) British bacon (from the back cut of pork which is less fatty) and I added a tbs of butter. But if you use American bacon I’d not use the extra butter. In terms of cooking. I let the potato boil with the

Goin’ to Argos

I think something like Argos (this is my personal/project 365 blog, more pics and UK stories from each and everyday) is a must go if you visit the UK. I don’t think there’s anything like this in the U.S.! We made our selections last night and going to Cambridge to pick them up. I made a card last night using my oh so romantic lighting… this was inspired by Embellish Mag: green, kraft, black, and butterfly, and WPlus9, paper-piercing: It’s a simple card with a pop. With a bit of trimming and some dimensional tape + a bolder color you

Flabby Butt and Signing

My M said this evening: M: Mommy, when are you going to start working out again? Me: Why? M: You have a flabby butt. Me: (deep inside: AAAAAAURGGHHHHHH!!!!)Thanks, M. So I was doing the P90x but that was short lived. I blame it on M. She puked all over my workout rug. Don’t ask me what happened. I think all the rolling around and crazy moves that I did made her sick. After she threw up she went to bed and was all better the next morning. I ended up watching the video while cleaning up M’s mess. I had

M’s Sketch #4

This is a sticky, scroll down for latest post! Oh, deadline is Nov. 25th by midnight CST. Hey, M got motivated and made us another (HAAAAAAARD) sketch. Ok, it was hard for me for her, she just whipped her card right out after she did her sketch. Now, the weather has been dreary here and since I work during the day I’ve been having a hard time taking good pictures. So this will do. M was also not feeling too hot this morning. She said her tummy kind of hurts and so that’s why her face looked so sad (I

Embellish Owl + Colors

NOTE: You still have time to play with M’s sketch AND to participate in the messiest room/desk contest. Come on, do the last at least, it’ll be fun and I have an awesome prize for it! Isn’t that owl on the card cute? Got his from Embellish Magazine. There’s a color + owl challenge there and I just had to play. See the flowers hubby got me? Love how the sun hits it. Do you see my little owl feltie that I made a couple years ago? I’m going to be felting again here soon. Got to make some presents