Gymnast #2

How’s your Monday? It was lazy day for us. I had all these cleaning plans but my cleaning inspiration never came (actually I am not even sure if such a thing exist, cleaning inspiration, really?!?!). I did a bit but not like what I had in mind (I had an elaborate Cinderella kind of plan). Oh well. There’s still tomorrow (maybe). It’s gymnastics day again Tuesday and while we’re at the gym I am going to sign Jovie up too for a mommy and tot class. I was going to wait until she’s three, when she can go on her

Potty Training

NOTE: No you’re not hallucinating. This is my third post today. OMG!!! Wow, it’s been about a year since I took the photos above! A lot has changed and now and then I miss that house we built. What a baby Jovie was, almost one!! She’ll be two in a couple of months and I’ve introduced this… She didn’t want to sit on it though yesterday but went close enough to use the potty as a ball catcher (yes, I let her play with little balls). Today she got braver and went in it. I promise you this was not

Spring Break!!

It’s been nice the last few days. Granted everybody but M has been fighting off a cold and the world is chaotic, I am on spring break. Yes I have a bit of grading to do and yes I need to make sure the next few weeks of assignments are wonderful and accessible, but I can relax a bit. The weather’s been wonderful too and Jovie cannot get enough of the ducks who lives just down the road. So almost everyday we’ve been walking to feed the ducks. Speaking of chaos… Sometimes it’s hard to believe how peaceful our lives

February Digital Pages

My playing with Jovie, working with M’s lessons and homework, teaching and planning all sorts of travels have really taken a lot of craft time from me. After this trip though we’ll most likely be taking it a bit slower. I want to do a bigger holiday next year and in order to do that we need to just do little exploring around this area and save. I’m not sure where yet though. I’ve got eyes on Italy and Greece while hubby thinks up north will be nice (Norway, Sweden, etc.). Anyhow, related to my craft is this blog of

$1 Wed + Craft Room Pt. 1

I have a couple things I want to share today. The first is the above layout which was created using Echo Park’s digital kits sold at Jessica Sprague’s website today for $1! There are other kits for sale too, like Cosmo Cricket, Carina Gardner and Kitschy Designs. Jessica also has a new FREE class starting Nov. 29th so while you’re on the website do check that out!! The second is… my still in the making craft room re-organization. Let me share what I’ve got before I ruin my room because who knows when I’ll make it to IKEA again to