Tut: Scalloped Edges

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T57J1Qwg2aw Woah, a tutorial!! It’s been a while, huh? This one’s an easy one. Basically it’s learning how to be cleverer than Photoshop, ha! I use this trick to outline a lot of stuff with my magic wand. I use this to create pieces for my KnK too (which I’ll share soon enough… the converting to different extensions is a bit challenging since there are different machines out there). I just dump a solid color (black) to the selected area, save it and import it to KnK to cut. Here’s a sample layout that I did. See the scalloped piece

Tut: Pattern Paper Part 2

Ok, so I’ve shown you how to create pattern papers using ColourLovers pattern swatch and stripe papers. Super easy. Today, we’re adding on and for my example I just used simple circles. But, if you get all creative, you can use your brush or create the shape in Illustrator (maybe you want to draw a bird or your own swirls) and import it into Photoshop as a smart object and then follow this tutorial. Whatever it is you do, here’s how to put it together so that you can easily use this for your digital or hybrid projects. You’ll never

Tut: Smart Objects, Copic, and Beate’s Challenge

First I want to share some Copic info that this super talented lady, Amy, sent me (thanks, Amy!). If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should. She’s so elegant and I love her simple designs — or complicated ones. She sent me this Copic chart. It’s pretty nice because I buy my Copics a little bit at a time when Hobby Lobby has a 30% off markers. They’re so expensive and I don’t feel like they’re a must have (I’m no artist and I don’t think some more expensive markers are going to change this fact) that I just

Tut: Matting and a Card

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5lH_i6pj1s I think I have what’s going around. Not feeling too hot but I have to go to work because this week is just training, training, conference. I hope I don’t loose my voice until Thursday afternoon at least or hope that I never get to that point. I hate to cancel any of my training sessions (I don’t have one job but 15% of the time I do software training — this week it’s Word and Excel 2007) and Thursday I’m presenting at a conference. So before I feel any worst, I did this card last night and also