Day 3: Spring Post & Postmarked

Hi again! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! Yesterday M went to her guitar lesson. Third one. And after the session her teacher told me that he couldn’t believe she just started. She’s got five or six cords memorized and can move around decently well and fairly quickly. She’s no Mozart on the guitar but I’m just so proud of her for working at it with me. She was so frustrated after her first lesson and we talked. Yesterday when were walking home I pointed out how she’s having more fun, how easier to follow her teacher too, at guitar

Tut: Clipping Mask

Hello hello! Today I have a little video tutorial to accompany the above digital page. I needed to test my equipments before the semester starts and make a couple new videos for my students. Also, it’s been a while since I did one and I thought a little warm up wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t have time to zoom in and all that but I think this tutorial’s fine without having to zoom in. Viewing on YouTube in full-screen mode is best if you can’t see it well here on my blog. Enjoy the video and hope you like my 5

Happy 2011!!

Wow, it’s been a week since I updated my blog! I didn’t intend on not documenting our Christmas and all that but the Kindle kept me busy (I’ve been busy organizing the house too). I think hubby’s regretting his present for me. I think I need to quit it too. Going to bed at 2 or even 4 a.m. to craft is one thing but to use my eyes on grey text (200 pgs/day since Christmas, HA!) until that time (I was also cooking, doing chores, playing with the girls, watching movies and more with the Kindle) is a bit

There’s No Place

Like home for the holidays!! Although I’d love to be in Germany right now visiting some awesome friends of ours or taking the train to Paris or flying to the Alps ┬áto see another high school mate of mine and her partner it is nice to be home with the kidlets and hubs. Logistically it’s good that we are staying in this year because ground and air transport is a bit chaotic right now. Heathrow just functioned somewhat normally Wednesday and the trains have been slow. Whether we visit/not, I do have a thing for staying home on Christmas day.