Kids and Technology

Wow, it’s Thursday AND pass mid-month. Before we all know it’ll be February!! There’s nothing overly exciting over here, just looking forward to M’s birthday party in a few weeks. Check out the little babe above. She’s been into playing games on my phone. Jovie is quick with the computer. I copied her signing video onto my laptop’s desktop and she can go from turning the machine on to watching it. She’s been doing this for a month or two, I can’t remember. Many kids are surrounded with technology nowadays. This week my grad. students are discussing our digital nation

123 Go!

Who would have thought I’d be with a military guy. That occupation was just not on my future husband check list. Back then the idea of being with somebody who moves you around while he’s gone every so often didn’t sound so appealing. But, life is funny that way and so here I am. To the guy who made me toss my check list while still making me laugh each and every day, happy Veteran’s day! Today I have a little page to share, it’s M teaching Jovie how to walk — no matter where we’re at. The above photo

Scarlet Lime Winner

And the winner is…. Comment #14 Lisa in Texas! Lisa, email me your address and I’ll forward it to Christy at Scarlet Lime. I hope, those who gets an extra day off, are having a great Columbus day long weekend. Hubby got today off and it’s been nice hanging out with him + Jovie and then M after she got off school. I have been trying to do some big time cleaning but so far I’ve only hit the kitchen and the living room. I did though get paint: Apple green for the kitchen, lemon yellow for the hallway and

The Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad… actually terrible blogger lately. The last few months crafting and blogging (mostly the blog visiting, commenting and replying to comments/emails) has been one of my many “was gonna” items. Clouds mentioned in her comment that it all comes down to priorities. True! But I think on my part it also comes down to motivation. It’s kind of surprising. I really did think that staying at home will give me tons of time to be on the computer, to do what a wonderful blogger would do, but no. Jovie is always wanting attention (and I love giving

Being Green

It is so much easier to be “green” living in the UK. We don’t have to drive 40 miles to recycle our glass or go to different places, the base and in town, for other types of recycling. In the US it was only when we went to Whole Foods that I felt like the most not green person when we didn’t bring our grocery bag. But here 90% of the people bring their own bags and I think most of the time it was those shopping after work who came without. The trash service is also very recycle friendly.