Gift Idea

Here’s a coaster that I created using just one stamp. I did a coaster on tile before and to do that an oven was required. For this I just needed a ceramic piece (this is actually a candle holder), stamp, ink, I used a matte spray sealer. So far so good and it’s been like this for the last two months. I wanted to kind of test it out first before I post {::SMILES}. To do: Spray with sealer outside. It stinks I think. After you think you have a nice even thin coat, let dry according to the direction

Crafty Saturday

I wish I can claim these ideas as mine but they’re not. These are just two of the many things that M did at the St. Nick’s workshop Saturday. The first is a snack. Yes, they had to work on their snack before eating it. It’s a reindeer and it’s made out of a chocolate body, (2) caramel face and head, an M&M nose, pretzel antlers and tail, and (2) marshmallow peanut looking candies. Everything is “glued” together with icing and the legs are (4) toothpicks. Oh, there is also a half a toothpick (I know because I helped prepped)

Have You Googled Yourself? Plus Felt Reindeer.

OMG, I just did that and I am on two pages. My old friends from school wouldn’t be able to say they weren’t able to get a hold of me! Try it out, see if you’re all over Google! So, besides that, I wasn’t feeling too paper crafty this evening. So I decided to make a little ornament. I made this little guy based on Mel Goodsell’s template. This is my second reindeer actually. My first one was a Christmas present but I forgot to take a picture of it. If I remember correctly, the other one is cuter than

First Felt Owl

I’ve been so into handmade stuff lately, especially handmade felt dolls, that I thought I’d give it a try. I went to a few different sites, found some tutorials bought some felt and yarn and here it is… drum rolls please… my first felt own doll courtesy of YouTube’s backstitch and owl tutorial. My owl isn’t exactly like Floresita’s, her owl body was one piece where my owl body has two pieces that I stitched together. I didn’t follow any specific size for my doll. I grabbed some construction paper, folded it half and started cutting the body. It was