Two Words

Hiya!! Jovie is almost two and she’s still the one word wonder (she says “all done” but the pediatrician said that’s considered one word for babies/toddlers) until a few days ago. Besides “all done” she now can say “shut up”! Whoohoo (hear the sarcasm there?)!!! Totally my fault. I told the dogs to shut up and two second after I said it mini me said it… repeatedly… I couldn’t get her to shut up actually. URGH!! So I am not in the process to undo that learning. It’s been ages it seems since the last color cue from WPlus9, huh?

The Birthday Cake

M’s been to three birthdays now and each one of them we noticed that the birthday cake was never eaten at the birthday party but it’ll be wrapped in tissue paper and sent home inside the goodie bag. The first time it happened we thought it was because it was not a sit-down party but one of the last party was a sit-down one and the children did have ice-cream but the cake was still in the goodie bag. M’s been to a few birthdays in Missouri and all the cakes were eaten at the party. M’s not too fond

The Color Room

Happy weekend everybody! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Sunday. We are!! Last night I got the chance to do some scrapbooking. It was NICE!! The picture I used was the one I did a tutorial on at TDC. While I was looking for some inspiration I came upon the Color Room’s colors and sketch. The sketch I didn’t quite follow all the way. I have the title and three photos and although the journaling isn’t quite where it’s suppose to be on the sketch I did add some. I don’t journal much on my pages. While I love scrapbook sketches