Christmas Day 3 + 10 Min Craft Dash

I can’t remember the last time I did a color challenge. Back in the days (feels like ages ago), I used to do 2-3 of them a week and it was during those times that I met most of my current blog friends. Always great fun and I am hoping to get back into it again… or at least participate in the ones that my (old) blog friends are hosting on a more regular basis. The other day, Dawn from WPlus9, emailed us a challenge that WPlus9 is sponsoring and while I know Paulina, I have no idea about this

Is It Spring Yet?

It’s been gorgeous here in England. Yes there’s the occasional cloudy day or drizzle but for the most part it’s looking more and more like spring. Every time it’s nice out and there’s no appointment or play time at a little play center Jovie would ask me to drive her to the duck pond. I say drive because she has a little Kettler push bike (waaay cheaper in the UK for this bike, £49/about $80 and free shipping) that she rides almost everyday to M’s school and back. Outside our home the flowers have been blooming too and to make

Shop Suggestions, Please

As the title suggests, I need to get the names of UK shops, whether it be online, Cambridge, or London that sells petites sizes and more less like Anthropologie, JCrew or Ann Taylor (Loft). Back in Missouri, I could grab clothes from Ann Taylor, without trying them on, especially pants, and they’d fit great. I love Anthropologie’s style (and that store in general, my favorite store for inspiration) although I couldn’t wear most of their long pants because I could never find a petite/short and the stuff on the sales rack can be slim pickin’ for my size. As for


Do you keep your craft room/studio/office tidy? You know my space isn’t big so I have to stack a few things but man, one thing I hate about paper crafting is the mess that I accumulate after one project. When I crop I have this habit of tidying up after each page and I try to do a bit of that at home too but often time I find things ending up stacked up (neatly) on one corner of my table. What do you do? Today I have a little card for WPlus9’s color challenge: Red, aqua, yellow and vanilla/cream/off-white.

Another Color Cue!

I don’t own a weight scale. I have these pants that I use to gauge whether or not I’ve exceeded my weight limit. So far these pants still fit me although they’re probably 1/8″ a bit too tight. Which means I need to start working out again. It’s probably a good thing I don’t own a scale. I’d probably be on it ALL the time. Before and after #2 (I might even do it after #1 if my bladder was really full). Before and after a shower — wet and dry. Each time I did a few push-ups or after

Day One: Birthday Wishes

Kristina Werner is hosting a color challenge again and I had to play. When I saw the colors I thought they’d go perfect with WPlus9’s new stamp set: The Birds and the Bees. Super super CUTE with tons of possibilities and if you want to see more, hop on over to Dawn‘s blog and see what she’s done. Plus she has an awesome giveaway!! This is a long weekend for us. Actually for M it’s a week long break. It’s her mid-summer break. I’m not sure what to do with her for a week, it’s a new thing for me