Simple Thoughts

I think the hardest job for me is being a parent. I know that my kids aren’t mine to keep. They’ve been entrusted to me but without any sort of note on what they’re suppose to learn in this world. So I just try my best to teach them what I know about life and hope that one day they’ll find the knowledge useful. M’s last “what I want to be when I grow up” is a doctor and an artist. I told her that they sounded wonderful. Whatever it is she ends up being, I always tell her this:

Simple Sunday

It’s another quiet Sunday here at the Wilder Ranch – meaning no place to go, just kids to take care of. It’s nice like this once in a while, right? At times I feel like we just need to go sight-seeing whatever chance we get. I feel like if  we don’t our four years will just sneak by and there’s us regretting not going to more places. Actually, let me take that back, it’s probably more me than anybody else regretting not going to more places. I don’t think the kids would care and hubby, he’ll be happy with whatever

The Hubby and I

We have chickens running around our garden (or yard). This conversation happened a few evenings ago. The sun was just setting and the chickens were all in bed. Hubby: I wonder how long chickens sleep Me: I don’t know, why don’t you go out and sleep with them so that you can find out Hubby: {glare} I hate you Me: Ha ha ha…. Hey, that was a legitimate answer don’t you think? Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy. He met me at a dance club — I was on the dance floor. Before last week I thought I was

Our Lazy Baby

Or maybe she’s just laid back. She can do whatever babies her age are suppose to do but she’s a lazy walker. I think she rather us pick her up. It’s just a bit odd watching her wear M’s clothes, the same clothes that M was wearing while running around the zoo. Ahhh, so right when they said every child is different and that they shouldn’t be compared because they’ll develop on their own time and into their own little personalities. I haven’t shared a Jovie video in a while so here’s a little one for you… httpvh:// Jovie is

Speaking English

Singapore Airline has us spoiled. That’s our airline of choice when going overseas. The top safety ratings, the beautiful uniform, the friendly flight crews, the hot towels before take-off and before landing, the generous and delicious meals, the kid’s package (M was SPOILED rotten on our flights), the entertainment, etc. On our flight from the U.S. to the UK we had to be on United. It was courtesy of the USAF so it’s not like we could pick and choose but it wasn’t too bad. On his flight, hubby did feel the need to ask for a hot towel. He


I was about M’s age when my family moved from Indonesia to the U.S. By the time hubby’s UK tour ends in 2014 M would have been my age when my family went back to Indonesia. I was young and I should have adapted but I never really felt like I was back “home” after our return. I’ve always wanted to go back to the U.S. and when the opportunity arise, I jumped on it. Then I got restless again. It’s not that I didn’t feel at home but it was more of me wanting to experience more. Somehow my