A few weeks ago M said no to Halloween. Today a package from the Children’s Place came in and there’s a skirt in there which she believes would make the perfect pirate/witch costume. So as of Oct. 1st we will be doing Halloween and Jovie’s costume fate will be determine by M’s choice. Jovie will be a parrot/monkey if she’s a pirate and a cat if she’s a witch. Poor Jovie! Personally though, her skirt would be best as a pirate costume. Then all I have to do is find a skull T-shirt, head scarf and an eye-patch. As for

Remembering You

If you’re a mom you know that sick kidlets, babies especially, can be the most challenging and sweetest time. Jovie’s sick, been sick since last night. I ended up sleeping on the floor next to her crib because she’d wake up and not go back to sleep a few times since she went to bed. If hubby didn’t have to go to work so early in the morning I’d bring Jovie in to our room but he needed his sleep too so the floor was it for me. Just before the writing of this post I was cuddling Jovie. She

The Perfect Pair

After a long blog break it takes me a while to get back into it and into project making. But, being a part of a few teams (they make me feel like I’m not totally unemployed, ha!) have been useful in terms of motivation. So today I am participating in the Perfect Pair Blog Hop and on this post I will be showcasing Creative Cuts and More‘s fun die-cuts, the Apron Pocket and Self Closing Box, and¬†Clear and Simple Stamps‘ Christmas set called Cookie Bake. There are two prizes to be won and IF you came to this post via

Fall Harvest

Today M’s school had an event, half a food drive and half a little celebration at the local church for the food we’ve gotten and will continue to receive. The children had a little program and they were all adorable. I’ve been to many food drives. I’ve been involved in a few of them too — or least make the posters for the events — but today was the first time that I saw fresh produced donated to a food bank. There were fresh peaches, corn, carrots, etc. There were homemade jams, breads, and other goodies. Amongst the glorious (fresh)


Another post and another Sept. new release: Topiaries. This time it’s from Clear and Simple Stamps! I also want to use this post to say THANK YOU to all you readers. I just checked my stats and I have over 500 readers and almost 250,000 visits since sometimes in January of 2008 (when I added the stats option). Since the blog was actively used in November of 2007 I’ve had 824 posts and 7,494 comments. I am amazed!! I’m not the most regular blogger and I’m not always going around commenting either. So to get any visitor and comment is

Growing Up

Don’t you wish your kids just stay little? I do!!¬†This week M’s decided that she is too big of a girl for princess/Disney stuff. She said: Mommy, I don’t like my princess trash bin anymore. Me: Why? M: It’s too kiddie for me. Granted I’m not the kind who wears Disney items, although I do have this Tinkerbell T-Shirt that I somehow love… it’s mellow though and somewhat vintage looking, I wish she’d still like them princesses just so that I can still believe that she’s my sweet little baby girl. The forever three sweet girl. So the last few