Last CSS…

One more week until Christmas!!! We have most of our packages in and this week the girls and I are hoping to do a lot of baking. I am hoping the oven will do the cookies justice. The gas oven thing isn’t working out well for us although a friend of mine thinks it’s just busted. My friend said that even if the gas is in the back the heat is suppose to circulate but ours doesn’t. Although it’s ok to use for cooking, baking is a whole different story! I am getting my projects done too. I want a

Happy BDay Sinterklaas!

In some countries today is celebrated as Santa’s birthday! I wasn’t close to my grandma. She was quiet and aloof, not the warm and fuzzy kind of grandma. I remember always feeling awkward when I was around here and never knowing what to say or do. But when I think of my Christmas childhood days in Indonesia, after returning from the US, she’s what I remember. It was during her time that Christmas was celebrated in my dad’s side of the family — after she passed away Christmas died with her. She introduced me to Sinterklaas and would always sing

Tip: Stickies Off

Very glad we’re not in Missouri because if we were I’d be sleeping outside. Hubby would have kicked me out because I’d keep asking: “Is it tornadic? Is it tornadic? Is it tornadic?” each time I hear the wind blow while he’s fast asleep. He’d be extra annoyed if it’s on a weekday because he has to be up by 5:30 a.m. while I won’t come to bed until 11p/midnight. It’s been very windy in our part of the world and I am not freaking out! Due to the wind, our area’s been like the card above, created using Clear

Dunster Castle

Can you believe it? It’s NOVEMBER!! I really thought that life at home will just drag but my goodness was I wrong! With a new month comes a new Clear and Simple stamp set: Happy Fall and new CSS colors: a Clean Slate. I am liking the serene scene above. Reminds me of our lovely little vacation last week. Let me share a few more pictures with you!! Oh, before the pictures, I want to say “thank you” for all the comments on M’s first digital page. She didn’t know I posted it and when I showed her the post

Halloween Gifty

The above was my little inspiration for the below project. M had pirate day at school some weeks ago and we gathered stuff for that event. After putting on the head pieces she ran out and hid and I followed with the camera and captured this photo. This was also the reason why she decided that she’ll dress up too for Halloween. I think she’ll be the cutest pirate around! {::SMILES}. So, I dunno, after making a few Halloween stuff this year I’m kind of liking Halloween a bit more. I guess I’ve always just thought of it as another

London, Again

We went to London Saturday and had a fabulous time. I initially wanted to go to the British Museum but we didn’t get to London until 2-ish and while walking to Chinatown to get some pork buns we stumbled upon and Indonesian restaurant, Nusa Dua, and had to stop. We didn’t order much though because before we came in we decided that yesterday would just be culinary day instead of museum day and just try whatever we find, a little bit here and there. So we just ordered two appetizers and a soup dish for me. The appetizers were great