Jam Packed Weekend

There hasn’t been a slow day here since we got back from our France trip. Even this weekend we’re pretty busy. Today M was in a parade and after the parade we hung out at the carnival for some entertainment, games and food. We all had a great time and even Jovie said: Have fun, have fun {::SMILES}. Tomorrow, a birthday party and if the weather permits, a bit of yard work. Our back patio really needs some TLC!! Let me leave you with a card that I made using Waltzingmouse’s sketch, number 51. Love this sketch because it’s so

Mock Wedding

Yesterday we had a little bit of fun at M’s school. The royal wedding has inspired her school to do a wedding at school and through random drawing M got the bride’s maid part. I got a little part too. The organizer asked me to be the official (adult) photographer. Keep in mind that I have never done a wedding before and while it wasn’t real it was a lot of work! Goodness!! All the moments that one has to capture — moments that cannot be slowed down or rewinded you know. Unfortunately I will not be able to share

Two Words

Hiya!! Jovie is almost two and she’s still the one word wonder (she says “all done” but the pediatrician said that’s considered one word for babies/toddlers) until a few days ago. Besides “all done” she now can say “shut up”! Whoohoo (hear the sarcasm there?)!!! Totally my fault. I told the dogs to shut up and two second after I said it mini me said it… repeatedly… I couldn’t get her to shut up actually. URGH!! So I am not in the process to undo that learning. It’s been ages it seems since the last color cue from WPlus9, huh?

My First Crepe

It’s the first day of M’s Easter break and for once we’re not going anywhere. Tthere are still many places within an hour or so from us that we haven’t explored yet. We will drive to a few but other places we want to take the train. I even got a discount pass for that. We need to take advantage of the National Trust pass that we have and just know the area better. To celebrate, I made a swanky brunch: Crepe. M had her first crepe when we went to France last time and although the dessert ones were

50th Anniversary

This was a conversation after our friend’s parents invited us to their 50th anniversary celebration… Hubby and I: (looking at each other) Me: Can you imagine us together 42 years from now? Hubby: That’s a long ass time. Me: I know, right? 50, wow!! Hubby: I’d probably be living in the shed by then. You girls would have driven me nuts. Me: I’d probably be dead and you’d be out dating. Hubby: (dirty look) That’s the last thing I want to do at 74! We’re lovely that way {::SMILES} Happy Saturday! Today we’re going to our friend’s parents’ 50th wedding

Something Fun

Happy weekend!! So glad the weekend’s here because there’s a good chance I can sleep in and/or nap!! M is so good baby sitting Jovie and they can play for a good couple hours after they get up and Jovie’s diaper’s changed or in the afternoon when Jovie and I nap and I continue on napping while M watches Jovie. LOVE both girls but M is such a wonderful little help!! Speaking of the two, I want to share this quick video. While Jovie is cooperative for the most part she does quit when she wants to quit just like