Birthday Party and a Card

Well, I think the party was a success. We had four little friends over and they all, or so I think, had a fun time. I had a little agenda, as posted in the previous post, but it was pretty flexible so the girls had a lot of time to play and not be in a “strict” party agenda. They all (even the super shy one) enjoyed the various activities so that was nice. The pizza was a hit but the veggies and fruits… uhm, the girls just glanced… I did stick a carrot at least on their plate but

Beate’s Challenge

Did another sketch challenge from Beate. I love her work because she’s consistent and also she creates something that’s manageable for most people to case (copy). I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous work by many talented people but they seem to be so complicated for the common people (like me) so I like sticking to and following people who are like Beate. This card was a challenge for me. I had a hard time with the flower in the middle. I just wasn’t getting the color combo right so that no matter what I did, my flowered didn’t quite pop