Is This THE Night?

For Jovie to sleep through the night? She cried twice but very short and she put herself back to sleep. Crossing fingers!!! M was, and still not, one who can put herself back to sleep. Now and then she’d calm herself down but most of the time I’d have to come in and tuck her back in. Or chase her around the house first and then tuck her in. She sleep walks and pee in random places. Last time was the waste basket which was, still is and always have been, right next to the toilet. Good thing it’s a

Lazy Lazy Me…

Yup, that’s me lately. Just not wanting to do anything but lay around. I did sit around in front of my craft table but nothing. I did though manage this super quick card. I had two of these Me and My Big Idea stickers and I thought they need to be used. This weekend was busy!! Hubby had a big (successful) BBQ yesterday. We had about 50 ppl here and thank goodness the weather was nice. It got cold at night but we had a HUGE bon fire. That’s one perk of country living {::SMILES}. The amazing part… our house

Happy Mother’s Day!!

All you mommies out there: Happy Mother’s Day weekend!!!!! This year I actually have a mother’s day weekend… and date day. The date day was for three things… he wanted to take me out, he wanted to do something for mother’s day, and it’s our 2-wks-early 7 year meeting celebration (in case I go into labor early or just too Shamu-ish to go anywhere). Almost 7 years and we’re still giddy about each other. Yes we got serious really fast but it was one of those things that just happened and we’re grateful everyday to have met that night. It