M’s Invite + RSVP Page

Been very busy here! Wanted to blog yesterday but got too sleepy after staying up until 5 a.m. Sunday night to do last minute prepping for my online class and getting M’s invite and rsvp page ready to go. Tomorrow she’ll be handing out the invites I made her to her classmates. The above was what I created. I was going to do something very simple but this digital card, Daisy Jane (lovely and vintage!!) by Carina Gardner caught my eyes and voila. Everything was so perfect. All I had to do was type the info, made the name bold

Some Cuteness…

My strobe light or my camera is acting up. I need to find another cable and maybe another light too if the cable doesn’t make a difference to figure out which equipment is not working. It’s been getting dark at 4 p.m. here and I’ve been needing the strobe light a couple of times this last week. I hope it’s not my camera though because although I have a warranty on it I have to send it to the US for fixing! So yesterday I was testing the light, which worked most of the time but not on the settings