Halloween, Take 2

It’s our second Halloween here in the UK and the whole trick-or-treating event was better than last year! We had more kids stopping by for candies and Emma came home with a good stash of candies. Now, it’s not that we eat a lot of sweets but, the amount that the kids brought in gave me a good indication of how many families participated in this fun event this year. We had quite a bit of fun the last few days that we’re somewhat thinking of hosting a party and really decorating our house next year. Emma was quite inspired

Halloween Prep

Me: M, why don’t you help find Jovie a Halloween costume. M: Ok. M took over the computer and five minutes later: M: Mommy, how about this one? Me: Emmaaaa!! NO! Jovie is NOT going to be a peanut for Halloween!! M: But she’ll be a cute little peanut. Me: No! Jovie, what do you want to be for Halloween? Jovie: Princess. Me: There, go find Jovie a princess outfit! M: Ok, mommy… (pout pout) Kids! We’ve been looking at Halloween costumes today just in case M wants something that is either cheaper (than buying here) or can only be

Anglesey Abbey

Last week the girls and I spent part of a day at Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property. We had lunch, walked through the old house, shopped at the second hand bookstore (it’s M and I’s favorite place, can’t beat £.30 chapter books), walked around the garden and then parked ourselves in the middle of one garden to read. Jovie ran around crazy (as photographed above) like usual while we read. Today I asked M what she wanted to do and she said, “Let’s go to the garden again.” We couldn’t go though, it rained and so we just went

Science Museum

Went to the Science Museum for the first time in good old London and we had a fantastic time. Since hubby likes to take things in, we split up. It worked out great because there are so many interactive things that kids can do at the Science Museum while hubby can go his pace looking at things he’s interested in (like airplanes, machines, etc.). Jovie’s favorite was probably the “Garden” located in the basement. Reason being: A water learn + play area. Every kid had a little waterproof cover on and while most kids stayed dried, Jovie was wet. So

Some Digis

Bonjour! I’m not sure what the weather’s like for you all there but it’s been raining, raining and uhm raining today. I had some sight seeing plans with the gals but we ended up staying dry. Today I just want to share a few digi pages that I did sometimes this month. I sometimes forget to share them because I’d save and then not get back to it until later. I used a lot of goodies from Jessica Sprague, in particular Carina Gardner’s work, for the pages I created. I love the first page because the girls were so cute

Wedding Anyone?

Have many of you been up since early this morning watching the wedding? I caught the end part of it while checking the news. Lovely couple I must say and quite a practical gown in comparison to the last big wedding! Just a quickie post… a little page of Jovie using digi pieces from Carina Gardner at Jessica Sprague. I used the Fresh Picked Summer line for this layout. Such prettiness and I had fun playing with them. I chose the colors because of Jovie’s outfit. I think they compliment well. Alrighty, more later! Have a four day holiday!! Whoohoo!!!!