A Little Cutesy Card

This card was inspired by Caardvark. Their card theme is little critter. I saw this hybrid kit at TDC (Hybrid Kid Match Cards) and thought it’d be perfect. I haven’t done a simple cutesy card in a while so I thought I’d do it on this. I had my 28-wks appt. My fundal height was 4 cm too short. Four weeks ago it was 2 cm and the midwife said that if it’s still small the next appt. she’d schedule an ultrasound. She believed that baby’s fine because her heart beat and movements were strong but we’ll see next Wednesday.

Freebie: Paw Die-Cut + Keeping Up with My Goals

Before I start… if you have an electronic die-cut machine, scroll down. I have a freebie. If you stopped by a few weeks ago, I mentioned my 2009 goals and one is to do at least two challenges a week. Since then I’ve been pretty dang good! I have also met my “get two things published this year.” I have a Jan. Scrapbook Trends page published (it’s under the Showcase section) and I have another one this Feb. for an online publication called Bella Scraps. Both have been by accident so yes I’ve met my goal but it’s not like