Not Sure Which Is Worse

Being the mom of a good gymnast and hoping that her daughter sticks all her moves so that she can get one of the medals or the mom of the girl who just learned her moves and wishing that her daughter can just complete the competition without tears. I was that later mom today and I think I quit breathing each time M did her routine. Even though we knew that Emma had a minuscule chance of winning a medal (note: she’s not a lazy gymnast, she’s new to “real” gymnastics and still playing catch up still with girls her


Back in the days, mostly before Jovie was born, I used to talk about poo every so often. I think somebody even said (jokingly) that I probably had one of the most poo blog posts {::SMILES}. So today, just for old time sakes, I want to share this older but still happy news: Jovie is completely potty trained. She did her first toilet poo on July 24th. She cried each time she wanted to go after that, for about a week and a half (or maybe more… it’s been about two weeks now since she’s been ok with the whole


Lookie, lookie, a card! I’ve been neglecting my craft room. Mostly because I need to do some major purging and I have not been motivated to do it. I should though. It’s feeling a bit crowded and I think it’s about time I part with my 2008 paper. I’ve been feeling guilty about not scrapbooking as often as I used to. So many Jovie pictures I need to do and of course there’s still always something new with Emma to scrapbook about. I can’t clean this coming week but after the 5th I should not have any lame excuse. Card

When He Cooks

He always presents the food just so {::SMILES}. While I did think of breaking up with him because my from scratch spaghetti sauce gave him heart burns, I kept trying in hopes that his body will adjust. Food, good eating, is very important to me and the thought of being with somebody who can’t appreciate it would be difficult. I’ve been a natural food store and farmer’s market consumer even before the organic/green hype and dining out at quality restaurants is what I save my money for. While I did, still do, have my occasional ramen noodles (mostly Indonesian or

And She’s Off

To school… First day of (intro to) pre-school today. She was so excited to go. We’ve been pumping her up for it you see. And one of her best friend was there and the moment she saw him, she was hooked on school! I was worried that she might freak out when I left but she didn’t. I said goodbye, she didn’t even acknowledge me, and off I went. I stayed for tea in the next building and left 30 minutes later. So here I am, blogging in peace (when I should probably be cleaning). Ahhh… the girls are growing

And She Rides

Yesterday Emma figured out how to ride a bicycle. I think I was about her age when I learned how to ride the bicycle. I learned on my own using a neighbor’s bike, an adult size bicycle, while holding on to that neighbor’s wire fence. I can’t remember how many times I fell, or how I managed, but after a lot of hard work, a few weeks of it I think, I learned how to ride the bike. I remember the moment still too. I got onto the bicycle while holding on to the fence. Since it’s a wire fence,