Nando’s and Charcoal

Last week I decided to try Nando’s. It’s a chain BBQ chicken restaurant that a lot of people, US military people that is, seem to really like. It was good. BUT, it wasn’t something magnificent. I mean basically, if you all know how to light a BBQ, throw a few lightly marinated chicken pieces on top of it, attempt to not burn them and later lather the well BBQ’d chicken with the Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce, you’ll get more less the same thing. So taste wise, it was an 8. If I were stuck at a train station and the options

Cards Magazine Blog Challenge

Hello folks! Hope your day is better than mine. I’ve had a stiff neck and upper right shoulder since Monday and I am not a very happy camper (it’s just a bit of an inconvenience since I have a lot to do which requires my right arm). BUT, as long as I don’t do sudden moves or reach up high or down low, I can still create {::SMILES}. This month WPlus9 is sponsoring Card’s Magazine blog challenge and based on the lovely sketch by Dawn, I came up with the above card. Do join us because there is a set

A 10 Minute Piece

This year will be another quick one. Without knowing it, it’s passed the middle of January! I was supposed to post this yesterday but a very special personal event came up and I simply forgot and so if you’re a WPlus9 AND the Craft Dash fan, so sorry! I did have a different card to share but earlier today I had a little woolly get together and I crocheted the flower. A bit of glue gun, ribbon and sentiment, voila, a less than 10 minutes piece! I’ll share my other card next time I post {::SMILE}. I hope you’re January’s


Santa will feel tomorrow! Can’t wait!! ONE more sleep! Just popping in to say hello. Been awhile since I blogged! The Christmas prep, visit, events, etc. has kept me busy. I do plan on getting myself back up into being creative on a regular basis in 2013! So wish me luck and send my way some creative juices! {::SMILES}. In the mean time, here’s a card that I created using WPlus9‘s new goods that I haven’t posted. LOVE the new sets and I can’t wait to play some more and scrapbook with them besides card making!! So kids, be good

Ed Ramblings

Everybody who knows me in person knows that I am all about education. There’s not a day where I don’t think about it or not do the act of educating. To me, learning is like food. It’s something I need and crave. After I had M, I knew soon after that one day she’ll go to kindergarten, middle school, high school and then college. It was the same after I had Jovie. I knew within a few months that she’ll one day go to college. So after settling with the new family addition we opened a college fund and when

Christmas Day 3 + 10 Min Craft Dash

I can’t remember the last time I did a color challenge. Back in the days (feels like ages ago), I used to do 2-3 of them a week and it was during those times that I met most of my current blog friends. Always great fun and I am hoping to get back into it again… or at least participate in the ones that my (old) blog friends are hosting on a more regular basis. The other day, Dawn from WPlus9, emailed us a challenge that WPlus9 is sponsoring and while I know Paulina, I have no idea about this