Vroom Vroom

I wanted to do something for the boys. Having two girls, it’s never that difficult to find little fun things for the girls’ goodie bags or stocking stuffers. But boys, that’s a bit of a dark zone for me! So the other day, while browsing the toy aisle at the BX on base, I came upon these: Fresh Metal Slickers. IMHO, they’re more fun than Match Box Toys because these ones move forward after you pull them back! I like!! To make it more festive, I added some chocolates tied up with baker’s twine (although you can use any string).

WPlus9 Release

It’s February, folks! I know, time flies, huh? January has been very busy for us but we are looking forward to February. See, this is why I like doing a lot of things in one time; Time just keep passing by me every second and I have no pause button. Have you been liking all the previews? Besides mine there are more! Go check them out on Dawn’s blog and also from our guest Sarah Martina Parker (glad she’s our guest… she’s SO TALENTED)! Then, hop on over to WPlus9’s store and grab yourself a couple of new stamps! They

London, Again

We went to London Saturday and had a fabulous time. I initially wanted to go to the British Museum but we didn’t get to London until 2-ish and while walking to Chinatown to get some pork buns we stumbled upon and Indonesian restaurant, Nusa Dua, and had to stop. We didn’t order much though because before we came in we decided that yesterday would just be culinary day instead of museum day and just try whatever we find, a little bit here and there. So we just ordered two appetizers and a soup dish for me. The appetizers were great

The Birthday Cake, Answer

First of all, I’ve been getting emails again on how to subscribe to my blog. If you look up, top right, you’ll see the search box and two icons above it. If you click on the elephant’s butt you’ll be taken to the subscription page. Yes, I have a thing for butts — one of my favorite college time song is by Sir Mix-A-Lot (ha!!). You can also click here. I am starting to feel it, not yet but it’s coming, of the need to update my blog. I like the design just fine but I need to make it


I was about M’s age when my family moved from Indonesia to the U.S. By the time hubby’s UK tour ends in 2014 M would have been my age when my family went back to Indonesia. I was young and I should have adapted but I never really felt like I was back “home” after our return. I’ve always wanted to go back to the U.S. and when the opportunity arise, I jumped on it. Then I got restless again. It’s not that I didn’t feel at home but it was more of me wanting to experience more. Somehow my

Is This THE Night?

For Jovie to sleep through the night? She cried twice but very short and she put herself back to sleep. Crossing fingers!!! M was, and still not, one who can put herself back to sleep. Now and then she’d calm herself down but most of the time I’d have to come in and tuck her back in. Or chase her around the house first and then tuck her in. She sleep walks and pee in random places. Last time was the waste basket which was, still is and always have been, right next to the toilet. Good thing it’s a