Brugge, Belgium

I am feeling like sharing pictures today. Of Brugge (pronounced Broogah or Bruges per the French spelling pronounced Broogz), Belgium. This was our first stop. We left Saturday afternoon and after getting a bit lost we got to our hotel at around 9 p.m. It wasn’t the hotel’s fault, or the Tomtom (aka Lisa), but it was the road’s fault. See, there were construction going. The road was completely blocked (the main road after one takes exit 7 to Bruges) and there was no detour sign. It wasn’t just me. There were a few other cars going around and around

Fall Harvest

Today M’s school had an event, half a food drive and half a little celebration at the local church for the food we’ve gotten and will continue to receive. The children had a little program and they were all adorable. I’ve been to many food drives. I’ve been involved in a few of them too — or least make the posters for the events — but today was the first time that I saw fresh produced donated to a food bank. There were fresh peaches, corn, carrots, etc. There were homemade jams, breads, and other goodies. Amongst the glorious (fresh)