Charity FAIL

We sell stuff we don’t use anymore. Only big stuff though. Our first and last yard sale was before moving to the UK. Little things like used clothes, toys, books, etc. we donate. In the UK you can either take your donations to the different charity shops (many many different versions of the Salvation Army type stores here; every charity has a shop I think) or, these charities will come around, door-to-door, and drop off a little bag with days of when they’ll be coming by to collect and we all just stuff our donations in those bags. Ninety percent

Interview With M

On our way back from Norfolk I asked M a few questions about our little getaway. It went more less like this: Me: M, did you have a great time? Jovie: Nope. Me: M, did you like all the places we went to? Jovie: Nope. Me: M, you enjoy our little outing? Jovie: Nope. Me: M, can you duct tape Jovie so that you can answer my questions? Jovie: Nope. M: (Lotsa giggles) Me: Jovie, you want duct tape? Jovie: Yup. That kid’s annoying! No wonder babies and toddlers were made to be cute! Today’s layout is brought to you


Lately I’ve been wondering about this: IF the word yes means no and the word no means yes would kids be more agreeable? Jovie’s full blown into the no stage. She knows the difference between yes and no but she prefers to say no than yes. I should probably do more videos of her. I have quite a bit of M’s at this age and M loves watching them. Kids (and pets) are just so darn cute and we all know, they’re only little once and for a very short while! Here’s a little clip that I got yesterday… If

Kids and Technology

Wow, it’s Thursday AND pass mid-month. Before we all know it’ll be February!! There’s nothing overly exciting over here, just looking forward to M’s birthday party in a few weeks. Check out the little babe above. She’s been into playing games on my phone. Jovie is quick with the computer. I copied her signing video onto my laptop’s desktop and she can go from turning the machine on to watching it. She’s been doing this for a month or two, I can’t remember. Many kids are surrounded with technology nowadays. This week my grad. students are discussing our digital nation

Hubs Delusional

The other night, over dinner, hubby and I were commenting on how slow Jovie’s hair is growing. The conversation went more less like this: Me: Jovie’s back hair is growing but the front is still so short. Hubby: They’ll grow. Me: She’s still cute, but a bit more hair on the forehead would be good. Hubby: Well, just be patient, good things come to those who waits. Me: Hmmm, guess so. Hubby: Like my hair for example. They’re just not here yet, still waiting for them to grow. Me: {I stared, mouth opened… five seconds later…} HA HA HA HA

Scarlet Lime Winner

And the winner is…. Comment #14 Lisa in Texas! Lisa, email me your address and I’ll forward it to Christy at Scarlet Lime. I hope, those who gets an extra day off, are having a great Columbus day long weekend. Hubby got today off and it’s been nice hanging out with him + Jovie and then M after she got off school. I have been trying to do some big time cleaning but so far I’ve only hit the kitchen and the living room. I did though get paint: Apple green for the kitchen, lemon yellow for the hallway and