Day 3: More WPlus9

Having a great long weekend? The UK and US folks are enjoying a long weekend here. Today’s a UK bank holiday and also Memorial Day for the US. We didn’t do much besides cleaning, a little Cambridge outing, and me taking pics of horses. Yeah, I got a new gig… race horse picture taker. I know, right? Faaaar from children’s photography but my friend hooked me up with her friend and so off the girls, hubby and I went this a.m. Goodness, have you seen race horses up close? They’re just beautiful! We learned a lot about horse racing too.

To My Favorite Guy

Happy birthday!!! So very glad that you were born many years ago! So very glad too that I met you 8-yrs ago, drunk and all, at a club. If we met in an online dating site we would most likely never have gotten together. The system would never in a million years match us up (if it did, it would be because of the plus/minus 3% margin of error… or a computer glitch), HA!! You have to admit though, I am a lot more charming in person than in photos or online (he’s thinkin’: Yeah, right, only if no word

The NOT So Great

Americans… or at least me… are spoiled. We can easily access big houses, big cars, big washer and dryers, and big walk-in closets. Although I don’t mind just having two wardrobes to myself I find that they are a huge downgrade from a walk-in closet… even one that was shared (I have to say it was nice having the walk-in to myself when hubby left early for the UK, ha!). So now I have to go through my clothes (again) to see what I can do without… or at least store them in the attic (like business clothes — in

More Driving… ALONE

First I want to welcome WPlus9’s two new DT: Hannah Craner and Heather Pulvirenti. Both of these gals are very well known in the paper crafting and stamping community and if you don’t, you need to go check them out!! We’re very excited to have them join our team and we all can’t wait to see what they create with WPlus9’s sets. Now, can’t do a WPlus9 announcement without a WPlus9 card, right? Here it is. I used Woodgrain Silhouette and Kisses and Cuddles. The little strip of paper is My Mind’s Eyes and the orange is Making Memories. The

A Blog Friend Visit

Hiya! Wow, it’s been AGES since I posted it seems! But a lot has been going on the last 10 days and it’s FINALLY winding down. This afternoon I also found the opportunity to stamp and guess who I’ve been stamping with? Clouds Shadler!! The poor girl, I had to put her in the basement, on a bed with no frame, and sitting on whatever we could find cause ya know, most of our stuff’s in a crate somewhere. It’s been so fun visiting with her and to be able to stamp with a blog friend! I really need to

Would You Still Love Me If…

You were my husband and I did the below for you? I mentioned before that now and then I’d do something crazy just to get on my hubby’s nerves and often times he’d wonder: “What the hell was I thinking asking this girl to marry me?” When we met he was drunk and during those (special) moments he’d tell me that he’s been drunk ever since because he’s still crazy enough to be with me. Here’s a sample of me torturing the husband. I thought that without an audio sample the post wouldn’t be perfect… although I might regret this