Hello Poppy!

A couple years ago our dog, Shady, passed away. She was 13 or 14 years old (she was adopted and the vet wasn’t sure how old Shady was when she was found). Shady was hubby’s dog and if Shady was a human being, he’d have married her long before he met me. Hubby and Shady, when possible, went everywhere together. When we’re lounging about or on the bed, Shady would lay as close as possible to hubby. Shady loved me but it wasn’t the same. Remember the Annie scene where she called Sandy’s name for the first time? If that

Favourite Local Footpath

Do you know the secret to always fitting into your favourite jeans? Get an active dog and walk her every other day at least! Poppy is a Border Collie and Boxer mix – how the mix came about was an accident I was told. She’s sweet like a Boxer but very alert and active like a Collie. Poppy is just 10.5-months-old and all she wants to do is play or walk all day long! She’s not overwhelming, we can tell her to sit or lay down, but if we can throw her toy or ball for hours at a time, she’d

Classroom Teddy

Going through my photos in my attempt to clean up my hard drive, I found this little number that I’ve never posted. To those with at least a school age child… Has your child ever been given a class teddy to take home over the weekend or a school holiday? When Jovie was in reception, kindergarten in the US, her teacher asked her to bring Spud home for the week. For a 4-years-old (UK children starts school the year they turn five. Jove’s a June baby so she started full-time school just a few months after her fourth birthday) this

15 Places to Eat and Drink in Prague

Don’t we all wish for great, or at least good, weather when we venture outside our home? I know we do! Less crap to bring and there wouldn’t be that moment where I had to buy an “I love Paris” sweater for €25 or a $10 Disneyworld poncho. I’m not a fan of souvenir goods or labels. Yes, no gigantic “GAP” across our chest in this family. We went to Prague in April of last year and only on the last day did the sun come out. Typical! Upon arrival we were greeted with very light rain. Not bad if

12 Tips on Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare or stress free experience. With these 12 tips on how to travel with kids, based on my own experience, we hope that your outings with your family will always be fun and memorable! I remember summer of 2004. Emma was just a few months old and hubby was on temporary duty (TDY) in southern California. I wasn’t a newbie traveler but that trip to California from Missouri was my first solo trip with a child. On our way back to Missouri, I had to switch planes in Vegas. I can’t remember which gate exactly

Finding Balance

Last year wasn’t such a great year for me in terms of personal well being. I had a lot of frustration and because I wasn’t happy, everybody in the family wasn’t happy either. Being a stay-at-home-mom was still difficult for me and while I wanted to be home for the girls and husband, besides myself (mostly for the purpose of traveling whenever the girls are out of school), I still didn’t feel like I was living a full life. While many of my friends told me how lucky I was, I just didn’t feel it. I started to get angry