Tut: Create a Your Own Brad

Finally, a tutorial! {::SMILES} It’s just been a crazy week. Being sick, all of us, and then trying to catch up is always a no fun thing to do. M is still down. Her flu-like illness is gone but now she’s left with an ear infection. Her ear drums, or something minor, in there broke due to her coughs, sneezes, and nose blowing. She said her ear, left, hurt and for the 2nd time today we had to take her to the doctor — the ear wasn’t filled with goop or blood earlier this morning. Poor baby. She should feel

Tut: Converting Color Photo to B&W

[youtube]idvfZnAph0s[/youtube] Download Converting Color Photo to B&W Well, I’m experimenting and I think this youtube video will be temporary until I can get my video processed at Revver. For some reason it doesn’t look as good. I also tried running it straight from my server but since I don’t have a streaming server, it clogged up my website. So, here’s the video — kind of blurry. So if you’re not happy with it, you can go to the download version and hope you have high speed. At least for a little while. There are many ways to do this but

Tut: Smart Objects, Copic, and Beate’s Challenge

First I want to share some Copic info that this super talented lady, Amy, sent me (thanks, Amy!). If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should. She’s so elegant and I love her simple designs — or complicated ones. She sent me this Copic chart. It’s pretty nice because I buy my Copics a little bit at a time when Hobby Lobby has a 30% off markers. They’re so expensive and I don’t feel like they’re a must have (I’m no artist and I don’t think some more expensive markers are going to change this fact) that I just

Tut: Matting and a Card

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5lH_i6pj1s I think I have what’s going around. Not feeling too hot but I have to go to work because this week is just training, training, conference. I hope I don’t loose my voice until Thursday afternoon at least or hope that I never get to that point. I hate to cancel any of my training sessions (I don’t have one job but 15% of the time I do software training — this week it’s Word and Excel 2007) and Thursday I’m presenting at a conference. So before I feel any worst, I did this card last night and also

Tut: Grunge Overlay/Technique

I misspelled grunge in the title of the tut but I didn’t realize this until I uploaded the movie up to Revver. So I’m just going to leave it the way it is, at least until I have more time to go back and edit all my mistakes. This is and edit, I forgot: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! For the filters, I used the default settings. In order, I applied: Poster Edges, Glass, Watercolor and Smudge. As I mentioned in the tut, you can go about this in different ways. You can apply the Filter –> Render –> Difference Cloud more

Tut: Creating Scallop Paper

Today I made some valentine cards for M’s classmates. I need 19 of them, seven girls and the rest boys. I also need to do some for her teachers. This afternoon I got six done, three boy and three girls. I got tired of doing the same thing over and over again and plus we had to go to the church to help with the dinner for the less privileged. The last activity we did today was fun. It’s always nice to do something good for the community. I’ll show you the cards that I made tomorrow. It’s a one