Merry Christmas!!

I hope it was a great one for you! It was for us, from the time we got up until now… full tummy stuffed with yummy ham and other goodies. Since we had M we always made it a habit to be home for Christmas. This way M, and now Jovie, can always experience Christmas mornings at home. It’s so nice to just play and hang out in our PJs… even during Christmas dinner {::SMILES}. I’ll make it short for today! Have a great one!!! PS: The other day I posted a photography tip on capturing the details instead of

Photography Tip: The Details

I’m not a pro at photography but I love to learn anything in this area in order to improve my own skills. A few weeks ago I read Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book, and learned lots (I love that my work’s library has access to full blown e-books now… new release books too… I’ve been reading a bunch!!). One thing that caught my attention was this: Instead of trying to capture the whole thing take photos of the details. Even though Kelby’s suggestion was for travel photography the concept can be used for anything. Here’s an excerpt: “I’ve heard

Photo Tut: The Manual

Hey folks, it’s me again and this time I’m going to be writing about… photography! As you know I’m no pro but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take pictures and read + learn whatever I can to make my photos better. I’m going to start sharing my knowledge in hopes that it’ll help you too. I’ve gotten some emails on this topic… how-to do something with the camera/software or which camera to buy and stuff. Then lately I’ve been seeing blog posts asking how to take better pictures for their cards and families. There’s probably already something out there but

Tut: Pencil/Brush Tool to Create Dotted Lines

Ok, this is the last of this series. To watch the previous two, just go up to the Digi Tut menu option and check them all out there. httpvh:// This is just a short little post.  I am behind in lots of stuff, including blog hoping — even my PTI blog hop I’m still in process of cause I keep getting interrupted by the Jove. She’s been all about mom lately. No dad or M. Just mom. It’s flattering but goodness, I can’t even go pee without her screaming her head off… if she’s awake that is. I guess I

Tut: Bunny Ears Ribbon Tying

Ok gals, some of you requested a video on how to tie the bunny ear bows. Well I’m not sure if it’s the proper way but it’s how I do my ribbon tyings.  It’s not the best video because I did it really quick but I hope the visual in the video can help you tie your ribbons better. httpvh:// I never cut my ribbon before I am done tying. I think I waste less ribbon doing it this way. If I have too long of an edge I’d take my bow apart and shorten it and redo the process

Tut+Freebie: Recoloring in Word 2007

Ok peeps, I’ve been on Splitcoast this week and it seems like people are getting more and more into digital stamps (I don’t get on SCS much cause when I do I tend to shop more… the Tools and Products section ALWAYS gets me). This is great, more options for you AND quicker access! If you’ve been visiting my blog you probably know I have a video on how to print a digital stamp/image in Word. A few posts ago I posted my handwriting with a Word (.doc) file in case you want to just quickly print the file out