Tut: Stitching in Photoshop

Well, it was going to be on stitching but I didn’t have any stitching brush. Or if I did, I can’t remember where it is. So I used hearts instead. Fits the February Valentine’s theme {::SMILES}. But really, once you know this little step, you can use x, v, flowers, dots, scallops, etc. Uuuh… I should make a scallop with holes in the center. I love doing that for my paper stuff. Or scallops with paper piercing… or just paper piercing. Oh, almost forgot… I did this super late last night. Couldn’t go to sleep. So uhm, there’s a lot

Digi Tip and You’ve Got Mail

Here’s my digi, or printing in general, tip. Always leave an 1/8″ space around your image/layout you want to print. If not you’ll end up with a chopped off text (like the LO I did on the right). I forgot this rule when I printed mine through WHCC and guess what.. uh uh, I need to resubmit. URGH!!!! It’s been awhile since I printed anything. I have printed out any of my digi LO or printed any printed materials (brochures/flier) for work and just spaced it. I’m not sure if every printer is like this, I know whcc is (obviously)

Tut: How to Save Your PS Brush

I probably should have an M LO today since it’s her birthday but no… I don’t have anything to share there. I haven’t even made a card for her yet… bad mommy! I guess I got too busy with preping for her little party Saturday (did a little reminder note last night) and stuff her goody box to make sure they all fit that I never thought of making her a special card. URGH!!! I guess, MAYBE, because we’re not going to celebrate until Saturday and we were going to give her the presents and cards then. Ahh…. I’m confused!

Tut: Vector Mask Tool, a LO, and a Card

I’ve been busy! The video above… I just want to show you (again) how that little tool, add vector mask, is so handy. There’s no need to crop and then later find out it’s not good enough. Fit those pictures in. It’s easy! In the video I also suggest that you expand the selection. Why? If you crop as is, sometimes it’s too close and you can see small gaps around your picture. Not nice. Expanding will guarantee a well covered frame. Also, if you later want to move the pictures a bit, maybe they’re a bit to the left,

Tut: Healing Brush in Photoshop and LOs

I did this the other day. Nothing major, just some photography editing tips in PS. I’m not sure if the healing brush is in Elements; I know that it’s PS7+. If not, you can use the stamp tool or clone tool and it does kind of the similar thing. I like using this tool because it removes the item I want to remove but it keeps the texture of the main object. So, I still need to pick (push the Alt/Option key) similar colors but you don’t have to be exact. I’m not good at really explaining this so I

Tut: Teeth Whitening in Photoshop and a Card

Don’t tell my husband I used his photo for the video {::LOTS OF LAUGHS}. He’d probably hate me if he ever finds out, ha ha… I love doing this to him {::SMILES} M took this photo. Actually she took a series of photos. I’ll show you later. Quite good. He was making silly faces for her. The white background is actually the clouds. I had the aperture set to low, between 2.8 to 3-ish. I was experimenting. This is just a really simple method. I know how vain we are and so here you go. Get all them photos, open