You NEED a Chip Card

Hey again!! Today’s is my “official” day at Pebbles Inc. If you’re not a Pebbles blog subscriber you can see their announcement here. There’s a little blurb and fun questionnaire in there if you want to know more about me. This is also my first project using one of their FUN line: Treehouse. You know how I love to trim pattern papers, right? This line has a few different paper for me to do just that. Doing this is a great inexpensive way to add embellishment to a page. Do visit the Pebbles blog, spend a little bit of time

First Class Trip!

Not that we went first class (the military would go broke if that’s how they transfer their people on commercial airlines) but the whole experience of getting to the UK was wonderful. Early Wednesday morning, 6:15 a.m. to be exact, I called United to confirm our flight. Due to the volcanic ashes air traffic to and from Europe, esp. the UK has been insane. After a lot of checking, she felt for my situation – two little kids and traveling to the airport, she confirmed that Heathrow is letting our flight in. YES!! So off we went (I did call