Laziness + Ancient Abbey

I always have the case of laziness after a vacation. When I was working I thought that it’s just cause I had to go back to work but now that I stay at home I am coming to a conclusion that I’m just pure lazy. It’s just me not wanting to go back to the work routine. On top of that, I’ve been sleepy even though I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual. The projects that I’ve been posting for the last two weeks I’ve done before I left on vacation. Lazy I tell you!! I do want to

Dunster Castle

Can you believe it? It’s NOVEMBER!! I really thought that life at home will just drag but my goodness was I wrong! With a new month comes a new Clear and Simple stamp set: Happy Fall and new CSS colors: a Clean Slate. I am liking the serene scene above. Reminds me of our lovely little vacation last week. Let me share a few more pictures with you!! Oh, before the pictures, I want to say “thank you” for all the comments on M’s first digital page. She didn’t know I posted it and when I showed her the post

Little Whitnell Cottage

Happy weekend!!! I hope your week was great! Ours was!!! We had a lovely lovely time at our little vacation cottage: Little Whitnell Cottage near Nether Stowey in Somerset, England. Today I have this card to share, a few photos and a little bit on our cottage renting experience… Back in the days my ex and I used to own a timeshare. The places we went to were nice and they were definitely better than a hotel. We didn’t own the timeshare for long but while owning it I was introduced to home/cottage rentals and I told myself that one

Pink October

Have I shown you THE best playground ever? I’ve never seen anything like this, especially in a small town. This was when I went to visit my friend in Germany. Check this baby out! There’s a no joke slide too on the other side. It’s not like those where you have to scoot your bum a bit to get you going, this one really goes… to the point where you might just fly out when you get to the bottom. There is more play area on the left side a bit behind me. Amazing playground!!! I also want to share

Sept 11th

Today I have a card using the new Waltzingmouse sketch. It’s a simple one and this is my interpretation of it. As for the title… even though my spiritual believes don’t put a lot of weight on the body and what happens to it after the soul has left it I respect what an individual has done in his/her lifetime. Granted that we weren’t in NY it was still something we thought about when we were visiting the largest European American cemetery: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery on Sept. 11th. Here are some pictures from that day. Since hubby was at school

Fall Harvest

Today M’s school had an event, half a food drive and half a little celebration at the local church for the food we’ve gotten and will continue to receive. The children had a little program and they were all adorable. I’ve been to many food drives. I’ve been involved in a few of them too — or least make the posters for the events — but today was the first time that I saw fresh produced donated to a food bank. There were fresh peaches, corn, carrots, etc. There were homemade jams, breads, and other goodies. Amongst the glorious (fresh)