Conwy, Wales

Can you imagine having the above for your bedroom? FYI, THAT is the whole bedroom area with a little dresser on my left. I finally have a little bit of time to download the north Wales images from my cards onto the computer. I’ve been soooo busy! I FINALLY got rid of a lot of things from the study downstairs after weeks (or months) of procrastinating. Next week: The upstairs!! Before I get to the pictures let me tell you this: Accidentally going to Wales for our October mid-term holiday was the best thing ever! At first the girls and


One day I want to go to London by myself. Maybe as a birthday present, Christmas or just because. I love the kids and all but it’d be nice I think if I can, for one day, not have to chase a toddler down or listen to why things happen per Miss M’s theory. I love the hubby but it’d be nice if I can take as long as I want staring at a pair of shoes or go back and forth five times between two shops trying to decide which dress fits me best. Yes, I’d love to wonder

I LOVE Beaune

Hey hey! It’s been ages it seems since I had a relaxing day. It was so nice to just sit and read while Jovie napped. The poor girl starting sniffling earlier today and by sleep time she had a full blown broken faucet kind of nose run. If you have or have had kids this age you know how gross it can get! Today I just want to share photos of our trip to Beaune. Beaune is a GORGEOUS small town south of Dijon (where Dijon mustard came from). Despite it’s size, Beaune is the capital of Burgundy (or as

Brugge, Belgium

I am feeling like sharing pictures today. Of Brugge (pronounced Broogah or Bruges per the French spelling pronounced Broogz), Belgium. This was our first stop. We left Saturday afternoon and after getting a bit lost we got to our hotel at around 9 p.m. It wasn’t the hotel’s fault, or the Tomtom (aka Lisa), but it was the road’s fault. See, there were construction going. The road was completely blocked (the main road after one takes exit 7 to Bruges) and there was no detour sign. It wasn’t just me. There were a few other cars going around and around

Been Away

Driving around Bruges, Belgium and all the way down to Gordes in Southern France with just the two sweet girls. My second road trip with the girls sans husband. We’ve been gone since last Saturday and just got back earlier this evening. I’ve always wanted to drive through France and since I figured gas isn’t going any lower I should go now. Plus, since I’ve been working from home, I haven’t used up a lot of my gas quota and decided to use all of my share in one go <– I come up with the craziest ideas to justify

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Hiya!! I have a few travel photos that I want to share with you all. This set was from our trip to Norfolk a few weekends ago. On our way to the beach we stopped at this old house maintained by the National Trust, Felbrigg Hall, and while I couldn’t get a photo of the outside, under maintenance, the inside was just beautiful. I think of all the old places I’ve seen this is my favorite. The house isn’t big compared to the many we’ve seen but was well decorated and if I had that much money I really wouldn’t