A Stroll Through Notting Hill

What a week! Busy and relaxing at the same time. The girls were out of school this last week. It’s half term and all of the English school children are out on school holiday. Usually we travel somewhere far for the whole week but this week, due to hubby’s work schedule, we went for a weekend getaway instead to London. We’ve been to London many times but never to stay the night. Also, as often as we’ve been up there, we’ve never strolled through Notting Hill. We’ve been close (Hyde Park) but not Notting Hill itself. On this occassion we

15 Places to Eat and Drink in Prague

Don’t we all wish for great, or at least good, weather when we venture outside our home? I know we do! Less crap to bring and there wouldn’t be that moment where I had to buy an “I love Paris” sweater for €25 or a $10 Disneyworld poncho. I’m not a fan of souvenir goods or labels. Yes, no gigantic “GAP” across our chest in this family. We went to Prague in April of last year and only on the last day did the sun come out. Typical! Upon arrival we were greeted with very light rain. Not bad if

12 Tips on Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare or stress free experience. With these 12 tips on how to travel with kids, based on my own experience, we hope that your outings with your family will always be fun and memorable! I remember summer of 2004. Emma was just a few months old and hubby was on temporary duty (TDY) in southern California. I wasn’t a newbie traveler but that trip to California from Missouri was my first solo trip with a child. On our way back to Missouri, I had to switch planes in Vegas. I can’t remember which gate exactly

England, You’re Beautiful!

England is not very big. Compared to a US state, England is only 200 sq miles bigger than Alabama. The UK isn’t a whole bigger either. Comparing it to a couple US states, the UK is in between Wyoming and Oregon. Despite the size, a three hours drive in the US can equal to an eight hours drive here in the UK for a few different reasons. One, depending on where you go, you can hit traffic. Traffic on the motorway (interstate) or the A roads (highways, although some A roads are two lanes). In the US, once you hit the interstate you can pretty

The Frugal Traveler

It’s been months and since my last post, we’ve traveled a bit more. A few weeks ago I bumped into a friend and after a bit of catching up, my friend was a bit amazed at how many places we’ve been and plan on going soon. I suppose, since I stay home, it seems like we’re spending more than hubby’s making, but we’re not. Before we moved to England, the husband and I decided that traveling Europe will be one important thing that we do while we’re overseas. It’s something we both love to do and being here, the cost

Finding Places Using Google Map

There are lots of wonderful apps that Google has to offer and one of my favorite, next to Google Search, is Google Map. I love maps. With a map you can go from one place to another. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper or electronic map, maps get you there! Two big features of Google Map that I love is its ability to find establishments in the area I am interested in. So if I am in downtown Seattle and I need a hotel, I can type in “hotel” onto Google Map and it’ll give me a list of