Renting an Apartment is Better than a Hotel when Traveling

Renting an apartment or house can give you more space and bang for your buck than a hotel room when traveling with your family or a small group of people. This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links… Many years ago I used to own a timeshare. I am not going to go into the pros and cons of owning a timeshare, or whether you should get one or not. This can be a whole other long post. What I do what to share is this: It was fantastic to able to stay in one to two bedroom apartments with

12 Tips on Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare or stress free experience. With these 12 tips on how to travel with kids, based on my own experience, we hope that your outings with your family will always be fun and memorable! I remember summer of 2004. Emma was just a few months old and hubby was on temporary duty (TDY) in southern California. I wasn’t a newbie traveler but that trip to California from Missouri was my first solo trip with a child. On our way back to Missouri, I had to switch planes in Vegas. I can’t remember which gate exactly

The Frugal Traveler

It’s been months and since my last post, we’ve traveled a bit more. A few weeks ago I bumped into a friend and after a bit of catching up, my friend was a bit amazed at how many places we’ve been and plan on going soon. I suppose, since I stay home, it seems like we’re spending more than hubby’s making, but we’re not. Before we moved to England, the husband and I decided that traveling Europe will be one important thing that we do while we’re overseas. It’s something we both love to do and being here, the cost

Solo Travel Tips

What a day!! We played, we relaxed (probably too much), we ate and now it’s just me, myself and I. I need to do some grading but I thought I’d write this post first. This post is for moms, women or even single gals who for some reason cannot travel with a (male) companion. I go places myself or with the girls because one it’s the way I am and two it’s because if I wait around for hubby I’ll be staying home quite a bit (and I’d go mad). It’s not that he can’t take a day off or