My First Homemade Bread

First a card: I used PTI stamps and the pattern paper is a little bit of leftover from one of my digital papers from Shabby Pickle Designs. The colors came from Dawn McVey. I could have made all sorts of cards/scrapbook pages all day today but I wasn’t motivated. Instead I just lounged around with the girls. As for the bread… Check this baby out: I am doing really good with my 2010 goal to make more food from scratch. The above wheat bread is really delicious. I got this one from AllRecipes and the 500+ people who gave this

Sewing + Paper Bag + Marshmallows

I picked up this book at the library today (the crafts and sewing books are just around the corner from my office — the perk of being housed in the library): 30 Elegant and Easy Projects by Jocelyn Worall and it in there was this wrapping paper made out of an old paper grocery bag that was randomly sewn. Very pretty and I thought I’d give it a try. If I were a bit more motivated I’d have all sorts of color thread but since I’m a lazy paper crafter red would do. Whatcha think? I didn’t do anything fancy

Project 365 and Foodies Schtuff

The hubby and I went on a date night!! It was short but him and I had a great time. For dinner we went to the supposeadly #1 most romantic restaurant in Memphis: Jim’s Place. If you ever go here, try the crab cakes. YUMMY!!!!! I could have ordered 3 servings of crab cakes and I would have been happy, ha! Very good food and service. It was hard choosing between Jim’s and Erling Jensen but Jim’s won cause I really wanted crab cakes and Jim’s was cheaper (I am still a tightwad). Plus, I haven’t had baklava in ages

Recipe: Turnip Greens

I’m not a fan of bland food and since I met my hubby I’ve been introduced to eating more greens: turnip and collard greens, kale, etc. When he was growing up they’d haveĀ  greens with vinegar. Well, that’s not quite my cup of tea (I like vinegar in a recipe but not for soaking/dipping — although I do like wine vinegar + olive oil for salad dressing) and so every time I cook greens I try to flavor it up a bit more. Except for our first new year together I haven’t seen vinegar on top of our dinner table.

Some of My Favorite Things

What do you like to do during your break? I like to read and cook besides craft. My current reading is: Louis and Antoinette, Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Online Instruction, and In Defense of Food. Yeah yeah, I can’t stick to one book. The 1st I’m mid-way through it, Julia and Defense I just started and the Online one I’m done with but I’m still working on my course material for this spring semester. I’ve been cooking lots too. Yesterday I made potato ham soup and sweet rolls. The soup was soooo easy and VERY good!

Too Stinkin’ Cute

The last few days I’ve been eating this thing… even before breakfast. But they’re so good!!! I’ve been using this recipe and another one since 2007. It just depends whether or not I have pudding and if I want soft or a bit more crunchy (one with pudding is softer/more moist). For this below I used butterscotch instead of vanilla pudding. The taste is still delish even though the cookie is a tad bit more brown. YUM! Today I’m going to attempt Laura’s bon bons. I want to give some to the neighbors and also Jovie’s daycare ladies. I did