Meal Planning

We’ve been meal planning for a year now. Before last year I used to just have an idea on what we’ll eat and shop for materials. I then would end up popping into the grocery store 2-3x a week and often times not using what I bought. While not expensive, they add up and in general just a waste. For example me buying a broccoli that was on sale or mushrooms that I thought I’d make for a dish but then end up not using the mushrooms because I didn’t have everything I need to make the dish. So now, every

Our Simple Menu

A £45.04 turkey comes in a nice fancy and sturdy box. I’ve never felt more proud carrying a turkey than this morning. Seriously!! The turkey is fresh. This is our first fresh turkey. Even the turkey we got from our local farmer in MO was frozen so this is a treat. There’s no smile, no birth certificate or a photograph, but, based on the box the turkey had a good life and will make six adults, one teen and seven children happy tomorrow!! I cook like I craft. Now and then I get a feel for something complicated or just

My First Crepe

It’s the first day of M’s Easter break and for once we’re not going anywhere. Tthere are still many places within an hour or so from us that we haven’t explored yet. We will drive to a few but other places we want to take the train. I even got a discount pass for that. We need to take advantage of the National Trust pass that we have and just know the area better. To celebrate, I made a swanky brunch: Crepe. M had her first crepe when we went to France last time and although the dessert ones were

Some Favorite Things

First most recent favorite thing: Potato and leek soup. I found it on AllRecipes and of course I had to tweak it just a bit: 2 good size garlic cloves chopped 2 shallots sliced 1 tsp white pepper I also didn’t have any American bacon (pork belly and more fatty) so I used 250g (about half a pound) British bacon (from the back cut of pork which is less fatty) and I added a tbs of butter. But if you use American bacon I’d not use the extra butter. In terms of cooking. I let the potato boil with the

Card, in a Ditch, and Cincinnati Chili

Anybody from Cincinnati? We LOVE Cincinnati chili and found a recipe that taste just like Skyline’s — or better. I didn’t change anything and it was just delicious!!! My favorite is the 4-way, with onions. YUMMY!! I am hungry already! A bad thing since it’s almost midnight here right now. If you’ve never had this type of chili it’s not the typical. It’s a bit more runny and with more flavors. There are spices like cloves, cocoa, cumin, etc. Before I made this recipe (before Christmas) we always used the packets but now that we found this great and easy