I am suppose to be cleaning or editing photos. BUT, my faffing around nature got me distracted and while I could be blogging about photography in my photography blog, I rather talk about camping here! Camping… I’ve never been. I told hubby, 11 years ago, that I’d love to give it a try but after growing up some, aka getting physically older, my idea of camping have since evolved. The idea of sleeping in this Just doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. So, as usual, I did some research and presented the husband with some ideas. He wasn’t so pleased. And

Our Little Champ

It was about 5 years ago, at the start of my blogging life, that I was moaning about how Emma didn’t want to much of anything in terms of activities. She quit ballet three times by the time she was five (or maybe even before that age). And the reason why she stayed as long as she did — 3 months — was because I made her. It’s not often that there’s a ballet school right across the street from our friend’s bar/restaurant {::SMIRK}!! She didn’t want to do piano, she didn’t want to do much at mommy and me

Hello 2013!!

2012 went by way too fast! It was a fabulous year for us and while I am not always right, I feel it in my bones that 2013 will be as wonderful! I hope your 2012 wasn’t so bad and that 2013 will bring you all many many opportunities, great health and happiness!! I am not sure why. Maybe because there will be many big milestones for the girls. Or maybe because I am hoping to actually do some work this year. But I am a bit giddy about this year!! I feel like many great things will come our


Santa will feel tomorrow! Can’t wait!! ONE more sleep! Just popping in to say hello. Been awhile since I blogged! The Christmas prep, visit, events, etc. has kept me busy. I do plan on getting myself back up into being creative on a regular basis in 2013! So wish me luck and send my way some creative juices! {::SMILES}. In the mean time, here’s a card that I created using WPlus9‘s new goods that I haven’t posted. LOVE the new sets and I can’t wait to play some more and scrapbook with them besides card making!! So kids, be good

Passport Photos, 3Yrs Later…

If you’re a long time follower of my blog, or at least from Sept of 2009, you’ll (vaguely) remember my attempt at taking Jovie’s passport/visa photograph. If you don’t remember (or have no clue what I’m even talking about) here’s the link to that day. Today I had to take a few shots for our UK visa renewal paperwork and let me tell you, it’s not any easier at age 3 than at age 3-months! When we took Jovie’s photos 3 years ago, we followed the US passport guideline (more less the same) and trimmed the photos for the visa