Freebie: Butterfly Die-Cut Template

Hi! I made a card AND used my Klik-n-Kut. I’ve been wanting to cut out a butterfly for awhile and last weekend at the expo I saw this acrylic butterfly that was part of a scrappy kit. Well, I didn’t want the kit, just not my style, but the lady wouldn’t sell me just the acrylic butterfly. She said there’s probably one somewhere in the expo I can buy individually <– NOT helpful, lady! So last night after all the kids have gone to bed Savitri went to work and I got this: Feel free to download the files (if

Freebie: Paw Die-Cut + Keeping Up with My Goals

Before I start… if you have an electronic die-cut machine, scroll down. I have a freebie. If you stopped by a few weeks ago, I mentioned my 2009 goals and one is to do at least two challenges a week. Since then I’ve been pretty dang good! I have also met my “get two things published this year.” I have a Jan. Scrapbook Trends page published (it’s under the Showcase section) and I have another one this Feb. for an online publication called Bella Scraps. Both have been by accident so yes I’ve met my goal but it’s not like

Freebie: Little Chickie

Hey, check this little chickie out. I was just messing around a few months ago, forgot about it, and thought about it again today. Created this in Illustrator. You can download it here. You can use it for anything but commercial use. So no making money off my little chickie you hear {::SMILES}. If you use it, I’d love it if you email or comment here so that I can see what you’ve done with it. I think it’ll be cute on a card or one of your elements in a digital/hybrid page. It was fun making it. Maybe I’ll