Happy 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, where did the time go?!?! Before you go on reading, I want to thank all of you who has been following my blog. It means a lot to me to know that somewhere out there somebody is reading, or skimming, through my posts. It makes me feel a bit sane thinking that I haven’t been talking to myself all these years 😉 For those new to my blog and coming via the blog hop, welcome!! I hope we can get to know each othis this 2015! You can read a bit about me and if this

Freebie: Fashionista and Disaster House!

Well, our house is still a disaster. The tree is up but that’s about it. On top of that everybody but M is sick (I’m not sure how this happens since it’s usually her giving us the cooties). We haven’t been sleeping and eating well during our Thanksgiving break. We don’t have a weird diet but we eat well (well doesn’t mean expensive, well means fresh ingredients to us). Pizza night takes 2 hrs to prep because I have to get the dough going, spaghetti takes a few hours too because I have to make the sauce, and so forth.

Freebie: You Did It

I have no personal projects aka a card/scrapbook page but I have a little handwritten set to share. I created this set last week for a friend. There were a few in that set but I thought I’d share a few of it here today. I also want to share this website of handwritten fonts that I found last week. Really fun stuff and I think you all should check it out!! Here’s my handwriting: You did it <– the zip file with the below in separate .png files! If you just want the .jpg file, just right click the

Tut+Freebie: Recoloring in Word 2007

Ok peeps, I’ve been on Splitcoast this week and it seems like people are getting more and more into digital stamps (I don’t get on SCS much cause when I do I tend to shop more… the Tools and Products section ALWAYS gets me). This is great, more options for you AND quicker access! If you’ve been visiting my blog you probably know I have a video on how to print a digital stamp/image in Word. A few posts ago I posted my handwriting with a Word (.doc) file in case you want to just quickly print the file out

Freebie: Ornament + Embellish Circle Card

Hey, hey, I’ve been BUSY and in a great way…crafting AND using my toys! Today I have a card using Ashley Newell’s challenge, #2, and it’s a circle card with the following colors: white, blue, green and brown. This is what I came up with ((All but the ribbon from PapertreyInk. Ribbon was found at an antique store, 20 yrds for $3 and still made in the USA)): Pretty simple card and I used my Klik-N-Kut machine again. The ornament I made myself and again I am sharing the file (right click image and save as to save the jpeg

Freebie: Happy

First of all, this note’s for Amy: You happy now? You kept nagging me about this {::SMILES}. Second, this is a hybrid card with paper my Fee Jardine, Fly Little Birdie, at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I used some left over strips from this mini book that I’ve been working on (it’ll never get done it seems!). I did some sewing too and the sentiment is my handwriting. At least the “happy” part. The best part of this whole post… I am SHARING my handwriting with you!! See, Amy, I am doing something with my handwriting {::GRIN}. I can’t sell it…