Some Color Challenge!

Goodness, Dawn, some colors you got here!!! It was hard!!!!! But I managed something {::SMILES}.¬† I almost forgot¬† I have this SU butterfly template. I love it, so big!!! I’m liking my Martha Stewart punch better too. It sucks that it can’t punch thicker paper, like PTI white paper but when it can, it’s fun. The one I’m still fighting with is the Fiskar punch. I literally have to use all my weight to use it and the result looks crappy looking. Did I get a bad one? Oh, I also used 2sketches4you sketch by Laura for this card. Lovely

Apples and Mini

Saturday was a fun day. All of us drove to Kansas City for some shopping and dim sum. My favorite stop was Crate and Barrel. After 6 years of marriage we finally bought us some nice dishes. No more using the ones from our previous marriages {::SMILES}. After Crate and Barrel the girls and I walked across the shopping area while the husband moved the car closer to where we were going. While walking… M: Mommy, where are we going? Me: To the Apple store right there (pointing to the Mac store with the huge apple on top of it)


Wow, I can’t believe it’s August and after a month, we still haven’t sold our house through the FSBO route. Next week we’re listing it. I have to wait until my RE license is activated again with the state. Wish us luck!! In the home front we’ve been purging things we haven’t used in ages and making a list of things we want to buy. We never did invest in good furniture and now we wish we had made our purchases sooner. Besides prepping for our UK move I’ve also been setting up goals. Things I want to accomplish once

Sleep Deprived Card

I should have napped yesterday but didn’t get a chance to. Today I’m still tired but oh well, I give up trying. So, while I was putting Jovie to sleep I got this done. Card making while holding a baby have been an experience he he… I didn’t want to use the carrier because Jovie always wakes up when she’s out of it. She loves that thing too much! This is a card using Dawn McVey’s colors: red, berry, moss, and white.Can you see the PTI polka dots on the green? Also the beads in the center of the flower?

I Like* You

That’s what we use to write/say when we were dating and haven’t said the BIG “L” word. You know, when you read something and there’s an asterix next to it, there’s usually some sort of disclaimer or more info on that item. So it was our way of saying more than like {::SMILES}. Fast forward and it’s now our 6th anniversary. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! So many things have happened too since then and they’re all great! We’re very very lucky and I am thankful each and everyday. Like I said the other day, don’t think our