Guess What?

I will be joining the oh so fabulous Maile Belles and very energetic and fun Elise Durenberger at Wplus9 as one of their design team!! I am so excited! Do you know Dawn Woleslagle? She’s the person behind Wplus9 and she’s an amazing graphic artist. What is Wplus9? It’s a new photo-polymer stamp company and if you want to get an idea what Dawn’s stamps might be like, well, take a look at this and while you’re there go and see her card creations. Gorgeous crispy clean designs!! I got a sneaky peaky of her stamps, just to make sure

Card for St. Jude

Before I start, I just want to tell you that we got home at 4:45 a.m. Driving at night was way better for our sanity than in the day time. There’s no Jovie cries 5 out of the 9 hours. We were too tired to unload everything and so the only thing we grabbed from the car was the toiletries bag. This late this afternoon I did some unloading. Hubby: Oh, unloading all he important stuff, huh? Me: Yeah, I have my hands full! Hubby: (snort) That was our conversation on my way up the stairs lugging my craft bag

Let the Torture Begin…

This weekend… I’m going to start doing the p90x workout (if you’re interested check out E-Bay first. Just a bit cheaper). The lean track. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s a video: httpvh:// My friend went through this program, she’s on day 60 and looks fabulous. I think I only need to do a p30x to get to my goal {::SMILE}. I’m not going to do everything they ask me to do. I am still nursing and so I don’t want to go to extreme. I just want to start slimming down a bit. I’m going to watch my

2S4Y and Snuggie

I’m not sure why I’m still up but here I am! I have a card to share too which was created based on Ashley Newell’s sketch at 2S4Y AND one of her color combos. I did realize after I was done that there’s no snowflake or even a winter theme. I guess I should have been sleeping and not card making! The Snuggie deal… have you seen the infomercial? We first saw it when we were in Mississippi over Thanksgiving. If you’ve never seen it, check out this video: httpvh:// Anybody has one? When we first saw the commercial we

What A Day…

Hi! I hope you all had a great day! I know I did!! Before I start, to those who sent me some good birthday wishes through the different social media that I’m on, thank you! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you all are in my life! Today I spent with friends and of course my little family. We didn’t do anything extra ordinary but I had a lovely time celebrating my birth. It took me a few days to accept the fact that I’m older (it’s the same every time since I first turned 25 I think) but

Hey Cupcake + Jovie Video

My baby’s getting bigger and bigger!! Last night we had the parents as teachers instructor visit and I was so not happy when I had to put Jovie down for tummy time. I haven’t done a lot of it cause I’ve been selfish. I don’t want Jovie to grow up too fast. So we put her down and there was my kid, head pushed up, cooing, AND trying to scoot. NOOOO!!! M grew up way too fast. She walked at 10-mo-old and I want Jovie’s babyhood to last just a tad bit longer cause she’s our last baby… least until