I Hate the Dogs

Especially when they poop on the carpet/rug. In Missouri it was my sea grass rug that they always go on when they got to go (it’s not often but it does happen). The house was all hardwood. Hubby HATED that thing but I insisted on moving it here and it’s now back under the dining table. So far hubby hasn’t said anything about it and the dogs haven’t poo/pee on it either. Today I found doo but not on my rug. It was right next to the front door’s rug. I glared at them and none admitted.Both ran away though.

Day 3: More WPlus9

Having a great long weekend? The UK and US folks are enjoying a long weekend here. Today’s a UK bank holiday and also Memorial Day for the US. We didn’t do much besides cleaning, a little Cambridge outing, and me taking pics of horses. Yeah, I got a new gig… race horse picture taker. I know, right? Faaaar from children’s photography but my friend hooked me up with her friend and so off the girls, hubby and I went this a.m. Goodness, have you seen race horses up close? They’re just beautiful! We learned a lot about horse racing too.

Flyin’ to the UK

Okie dokie… if you’re reading this post it means that the girls and I are flying over the Atlantic ocean (and over volcanic ashes) on United flight 958. We’ve been waiting for this day and more anxious the last few days than we’d normally would due to all the cancellations. But we’re finally on board and soon we’ll all be together again!! I’ve been meaning to do some crafting too after we moved out of the house but a lot happened here and that just didn’t happen. Tell you more on that later. Yesterday was my last day at work


Hey! Happy Monday!! I hope your Easter weekend was wonderful spent with friends and family! Today I am participating in Caardvark’s blog hop and the sponsor for this week is…. Clear and Simple Stamps!!! For this card I used mostly CSS stuff. The Stamp of the Month, Rock-a-Bye, green with Envy paper and other extras like ribbons from my stash and the Cuttlebug embossing template. Pretty simple for a sweet little baby. The Challenge Create a *new* baby card and link Caardvark to Mr. Linky at the end of the Caardvark post. The deadline is April 17th at Midnight, PST.

My Softbox

I really didn’t want to make a card last night but I wanted to try out the softbox (photography lighting gadget) that I got for Christmas on a card. The kit is nice. But putting the softbox together was total pain in my {flabby} ass. On the four sides of the softbox are these rods. They’re straight as can be but if you try hard enough they will bend so that they can fit into the sides of this thing called a speed ring. Well, after much work I got all of the rods into the holes of the ring.


I can’t think of a good title for today’s post. I can’t think of a good story either. We all just had a lazy day today. Both girls are sick and so we all just laid around even though I did get some downstairs cleaning done and a bit of laundry. Nothing exciting really. Here’s a bit of a blurb for my card… you can read it in the most boring and monotonous way… it’s how I feel right now… I made this card last night. I got some new Stampin’ Up! stamps in the mail and I had to