WPlus9: Day 3

Hi again! It’s day 3 of the WPlus9 launch and I have a little invite to share with you. I used the die-cut that will be released in a few days. CUTE!! I love the little ice cream cone and it’s the perfect size I think for cards and scrapbooking. I’ll make this post sweet and short but do check out the other ladies! Elise Durenberger Cristina Kowalczyk Jinny Newlin Kerrianne Gwin Lea Lawson Jean Martin Have you visited and commented on WPlus9’s blog? If you haven’t do so and get a chance to win this fabulous set!!

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Hiya!! I have a few travel photos that I want to share with you all. This set was from our trip to Norfolk a few weekends ago. On our way to the beach we stopped at this old house maintained by the National Trust, Felbrigg Hall, and while I couldn’t get a photo of the outside, under maintenance, the inside was just beautiful. I think of all the old places I’ve seen this is my favorite. The house isn’t big compared to the many we’ve seen but was well decorated and if I had that much money I really wouldn’t

Still “In Love”

Some of you were wondering if M’s still “in love”. So far yes and yesterday at the mother’s day luncheon I saw who this little guy was. I told M that yes he’s cute but he most likely has cooties, there’s a good possibility he stinks, and that he would chase her around the playground with a long dangly eeky worm. In the typical M fashion she rolled her eyes, smirked and said, “Oh mommy, he’s nice.” For a split second Ramona Quimby came to mind. Didn’t she have a crush on some guy at about M’s age. Ahhh… children!!

New Year

New anything is always exciting. A new date, a new house, a new baby, a new page, or a new year. To some it’s a chance to start over again, a new beginning. After the newness fades we’d struggle, get bored, get steady, or still be very excited about it. Those who’s followed my blog for a few years probably remember that I don’t do resolutions. I just have goals. On Jan. 1st this year I listed the below goals. I have 15 more days until 2011 and I need to see what I haven’t done… Keep my sanity throughout

WPlus9 Release Day!

It’s launch day for WPlus9 and we each have a little something to show you. Do check out Dawn’s blog to see what all the DT did with this month’s releases! As for mine, I used three stamp sets for this card: So 80s, Sweet Nothing and Woodgrain Silhouette. See the center sentiment and background stamping? Looks familiar? Yup, they’re from yesterday’s post!! With a few more stamped images and embellishments you can spruce up the card a tad bit more. It’s still simple and clean but with more to see and touch. Gotta go help M get ready for school. Til


Happy Thanksgiving day everyone!! I hope all of you celebrating will have a wonderful time with their loved ones!!! I know we will be. Today our little family will have a small feast of duck and different side dishes. While doing a project for M’s school on this topic we learned that the pilgrims and indians didn’t sit down for a turkey meal, the turkey came later, but most likely it was duck and other animals that they hunted back then. I hope that today we’ll all be thankful for each other and the time that we have together. I