Jam, Jelly, Preserve

Do you get jelly, jam and preserve all mixed up? I did until last week. I was at a cafe and said: “Can I have the scone with the (while pointing) jelly, jam, preserve… oh, that thing over there! What is that thing?” The guy helping me chucked and he said, “jam?” I let out a little chuckle and said, “Yes, jam! (Pause) What is the difference between jelly, jam and preserve?” It was the lady next to me that eventually explained. She said that jelly is like American jello, see through clear. Jam has fruits but they’re not in


A few weeks ago I got suckered persuaded, to run a 5k in Cambridge. I agreed because it’s for a good cause and that it’s still a few months down the road, which basically means I have plenty of time to practice for it. While one can walk this 5k, I want to do it properly and I had this oh so awesome plan to start running again for this 5K AND also to loose a few pounds… the same few pounds from a few months ago. I asked my friends for some tips on how to get started and

Title-Less Wednesday

I’ve been sitting here for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out what to title this post. I guess if a title can’t be found in that length of time then the post should just be title-less. So here’s to my no title post… I actually have a lot to share today. I haven’t blogged in… uhm… a week? Just decided to take a little break and spend a bit of me time because once again I turned 25. I had a few friends celebrating before and after my birthday so it’s been a week of parties and fun.

A Bag Full

Hiya! Today I went to my friend’s Stampin’ Up! party. We met in Missouri (the great thing about being in the military is that there’s a good chance you’ll bump into each other again even after an overseas move) and it’s always nice to catch up with her now and then. I was hoping to meet up with another person too and was glad that she stopped by to chit-chat. Anyhoot, at the party we made some candy baggies. They were so cute and M loved my gifty for her. I forgot through to take a photo and so I

Gordes, France

One neat thing about driving through France was seeing how each area differs, in a very significant way, from one another. A two hour drive can take a traveler from lush to dry. As soon as we hit Provence, the geographic changed in the most stunning way. As you drive further into Provence you’ll notice more and more off white, with a tint of orange, homes built on the very tip of a high hill (some look so steep). The tallest piece from each village is usually the steeple of the church (although if there’s a castle it’d be the

Why I am SOOO Tired!

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NWphxvgLZE WARNING: DO NOT watch if you have a migraine or have the tendency to get one. This one is hazardous to your health!! See? There’s definitely something wrong with this one! {::SMILES} A 180 degrees difference than Miss M. This little Energizer bunny throws fits too. She does the rolling around on the floor when upset. She pouts when she doesn’t get her way and her feelings get oh so hurt when we scold her. Going to bed to recharge my energy! Oh, I should have asked her to courtesy.