Our Gymnast

Emma is a busy girl. As of right now she has an after school activity everyday. But, despite her loving swimming and ballet, she would trade all that for more hours at the gym. As of today her aspiration is to be a very good gymnast – college even. With this new goal I hope that one day we’ll live near a gymnastics club. Sitting around for 2-2.5 hrs a day is NOT productive. Yes I grocery shop now and then after I drop her off but for the most part, it’s not productive. Thankfully I have a decent toddler.

M’s Day

Maybe 2012 will be another great year for Emma. I hope so!! But, whether it will be or not, the first week of 2012 has been surprisingly wonderful to her! We went to ballet today. First day back since the break. We got there a tad bit late but they haven’t started. I thought maybe they were doing a little chit-chat about what the term has to offer these little girls in pink leotard. There were clapping. I did hear that. But I figured it was just excitement over a new (fun) dance they’ll be learning. Ballet ended and the

Happy 2012!!

Hi all!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you a great 2012! It’s been quite hectic here, thus the lack of activity on this blog of mine, and I hope that things will settle down a bit after school starts back up again. As a family 2011 was good to us. It was extremely good to Emma. Her biggest accomplishment was to get rid her fear of water and is now in level three swimming. Compare to other kids, she’s progressing slowly, but for a kid who used to scream and yell (as if we

YEA for

Open grocery stores on Thanksgiving day! As I am finalising our Thanksgiving menu, putting together a grocery list for the hubby (for the base) and writing down all the rest that I need to get at the local farm shops/grocery store I am thankful that Thanksgiving is a US holiday. It’s not that I am selfish about turkey day but it’s been quite nice you see to be able to send the hubby off to the grocery store two hours before dinner without wondering if it’s opened/closed. Also, it’s awesome that we don’t have to fight a crowd to get

I Don’t Run

I used to run in college and a bit after I graduated. It wasn’t because I loved, or even liked, it but it was due to vanity. I’ve always pride myself in being skinny (or is thin the PC word for this?) but I gained a few pounds, 20 to be exact, the one year I lived in the dorms. Freshman 20 was no joke!! So after I found an apartment I not only went to aerobics I also ran. I’d run a good 30 minutes every other day and even though I lost the whole 20 lbs within a

Something Quick

I am pooped! I’ve been cleaning the downstairs all day long. It’s not that I was super motivated but I lost my keys and I had no idea where it could have been. It could have dropped anywhere between the house and the school or anywhere inside. I didn’t realize it until later because ehm ehm… I didn’t lock the door when I took Emma to school. Bad me I know! We did finally find it. M did. And goodness, I was relieved! I was close to rekeying the doors just in case ya know. So now I just want